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Mike Pike

Went a stalkin'

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Well, I dusted off the ol' stalking rod today and went off to dodge the rain showers and get a little fishing in. 

The confined, intimate little water was a nice change from the open expanse of the harbour and I was pretty excited at the prospect of battling fish at such close quarters.

Stalking 3.jpg


I haven't done the stalking thing in some time, and my little 9-foot Greys was probably feeling a little neglected.  

Stalking 1.jpg


I downsized my hooks, line, etc, as I knew the carp here would be on the smaller size, then sent out my hook bait of maize and a floater kernel onto a tight little chum bed of maize.  Surprising, I began to get line bumps right away, but unfortunately no runs.

Then, down came the rain, but I packed my umbrella for just such an emergency.  Here is the view from my little shelter.



The line bumps stopped and things became quiet, so it was time to move in search of the nomadic fellows.  I moved further down the bank, once the rain showers allowed, and noticed a nice splash not 10 feet away in the margins.  That 'll do!   I set up and once again, line bumps told me fish were honing in on my bait.  But still no runs.

I considered my hookbait and thought that maybe I should downsize some more, and so I removed the floater and kept only 2 small kernels of maize on the hair. 

Dang!  The next 'line bump' was a take and a real belter of a run!  Off it went straight into the marginal snags and I held my breath.  I coax him away and back out into the main channel.  Whew!!!  

Netting the fish proved to be a problem as I brought a smaller net with me thinking the carp here would be nowhere near doubles.  But this was a good 'un and after a little drama, I finally brought it onto the bank.

I was immediately struck by the bright yellow on the lower flanks near the tail.

Carp 1.jpg


The rain kept up and, despite my shelter, I was pretty soaked through by this point so I packed up with a big smile on my face and headed home to dry off and type this report. 

A most awesome time on golden pond.

  Stalking 4.jpg

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