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(OH) Vinsanity

2018 CAG Ohio - Urbana Results

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As posted earlier, the Rayland fish-in was moved to Urbana.

I arrived Friday around 830am and John showed a little bit thereafter. He managed the first fish within 20 minutes of being in the water which was very surprising. The next fish didn't come for another 4 hours. A few more hit the bank until nightfall and that's when the catch rate was pretty consistent. John and I managed 6-8 fish during the night, but nothing of any size.

I woke up around 8am Saturday morning to see Bobby setup down the bank. Sleeping in an overwrapped bivvy didn't exactly let much light in which was nice for sleeping.

Bobby had his first fish later in the afternoon around 3pm and then another about an hour later.

The wind gradually got stronger and stronger through the day and we were mostly confined to our bivvies. John packed up around 6pm and left Bobby and I to catch all the fish.

My biggest of the night came right after John left which weighed in at 18lbs. I probably caught 6 more throughout the night and ended up keeping one rod out. Running outside in 30 degree weather with wind was not that fun. Luckily, I had my Mr Buddy heater to warm me back up before falling asleep.

All and all a pretty decent fish-in despite the turnout.

We raised $55 dollars for the "Over 30 Challenge" which will carry over to our next fish-in at Huron on November 2nd-4th.

Just remember, Craig caught a 30 at Huron last year. Who's coming to take the money? For more information please see:

7DhHJXwl.jpg )














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