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The Wethersfield cove carp get together

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as ct state chair it would be great to meet the new carpers who are in Connecticut now, so i am proposing a little fish-in at wethersfield cove, a bit of a social if you will.

11/10/18 looks like a good weekend for it and the fish should be there in numbers,our distinguished leader Mr sorrell recently fished it and bagged up !.

if anyone wants to bring a couple of B-B-Qs i will supply the meat from wholefoods and we can have a bit of a cook out.

i will speak to Mr sorrell and see if we can get a small prize for the biggest fish caught as a little incentive.

i would be grateful if anyone interested would reply to this post and i can sort out how many steaks,sausages,bacon and the such like we will need 

  entertainment will be supplied in the shape of lain sorrell who's witty story's of his time on savey lake in England had them rolling in the isles at the cairns film festival in 1850.

i hope to see you all there.

cheers folks.



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ok, so wethersfield cove is under water and with up to 2 inches of rain expected Friday im thinking it aint worth fishing it.

stay tuned though coz im thinking of moving it to Hubbard park lake in meriden but i want to check it out tomorrow before deciding.

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had a look at Hubbard park lake today in meriden ct and it looks good, small lake of what i would say is 4 acres with an average depth of 4-5ft but holds some wackers !

have seen pictures of 2 fish from there both low 30s and a story of a girl of 8yrs catching a 38lb fish on a barbie rod of all things.

so, im proposing we change the Sunday fish-in to there instead, thoughts ?

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