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The Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social was great!! Participants included my partner Darren Calver, and Daniel Polichette, Ron, Rick Slinker, Jeff Skelton and Jennifer.

Everything clicked for me October 11th through the 19th at the Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social, and I mean everything!  It all came together – the vision, the planning, the camping gear, the fishing gear, the rain gear, the location, the guides, the 300#s of bait and the bait boat; all of these and the countless details small to large from the sharpening of hooks to the waterproofing of gear created a high level of comfort and confidence putting me “into the zone” and making it possible to draw, hold and capture over 50 high quality Cyprinus carpios, from clean beautiful commons to both partially and fully scaled mirrors.

 Yes! I got my personal best, a 20-minute fight in and out of weeds rewarded me with a beautiful fully scaled 39lb 7oz mirror! But size isn’t everything - also captured and released many other clean beautiful fish to include an amazing frame linear, and a two tone mirror. My fishing partner Darren Calver landed two big belly mirrors the likes I have only seen in pictures from England!  I keep wondering how much bigger any of these fish would have been in the spring?

 Note: this is my second time using a bait boat at Dale Hollow, I have one from Carptechincs in England – it made all the difference; I was fishing at distances up to 250 yards, frequently baiting and consistently placing my hook rigs spot on!

I can’t say enough about the great support and remarkably convenient transportation of our huge amount of gear in a large pontoon from our vehicle to the camping location that Rick Slinker, and Jeff Skelton from Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx provided. And if that wasn't enough, the area had been pre-baited. And if that wasn't enough, were also kept well fed by Jennifer: T-bone steaks, pulled pork, smoked ham, chicken, beans, pasta, etc... wow! They also provided daily runs to the marina for ice, beverages or whatever we needed.  

 If you have not yet fished this deep reservoir you may be missing out on a trip of a lifetime. Wild, never before caught carp inhabit its depths, and I have to believe it’s the depths that keep ominous bow hunters from ruining this great fishery. A 46lb has been caught and no doubt a 50lb will one day bend the scale.

Going to Dale Hollow does not guarantee fish, it is not abracadabra and on one discovery trip my fishing partner and I got skunked. We have also experienced strong weather so best to be prepared. Better yet hire a great guide service like Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx! 

Here is a video of the adventure. Enjoy :)

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