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Carp advice on Allegheny

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Looking to do some Carp Fishing on the Allegheny. I've been fishing the European way in Lake Erie with some luck. How do you fish rivers like the Allegheny for Carp? A couple good holes to start. 

Maybe even the Monongahela River.


Wayne D


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The Allegheny (especially north - up above  Allegheny County) is chock full of carp. The Oil City Marina was a hot spot some years ago - haven't fished there in years, so I can't comment on recent captures from there.


The Mon holds a ton of fish too - but the average size (at least in PA) seems to be waaaaay  lower that that of the Allegheny.


Erie - caught a few in the lagoons, and seen some pigs in Misery Bay - but never had any luck there. Would love to spend more time there, but can never find enough of it. Lot of untapped water in Erie.

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typical baiting strategies should work well.......if you can pre bait - that makes it that much better.


I always fish kind of simple - oatmeal pack of some sort, sweet corn or field corn - not always on a hair. Occasionally use boillies when I have the time (and some help) to bait up in advance.

basic bolt rig - nothing fancy.

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