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A Fall quickie.

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Finally, a break in the weather and, after seeing the fishing friendly forecast, I called up my cousin Dan to see if he wanted to head out for a little morning session.  

Rather that try one of our harbour spots( as we were still unsure of the blue-green algae situation ), we opted for a smaller venue to enjoy the sun, cigars and Cyprinidae!  



We didn't feel the need to show up super early because, we reasoned, the fish activity would pick up once the temperatures began to rise after sunrise.   That, and I slept in. 

One of the first things I noticed was that the lush vegetation and overgrown banks of the summer were gone now.  However, the downed foliage and 'openness" of the area in the fall still had its charm.



Even with the cooler temps, we spotted some 'V' wakes and bubbling, and I felt like we had a shot with the little bit of fish activity that we saw on display. 

The east wind kept whipping up, though, and it was hard to tell whether we were getting line bumps or if it was just the wind.  Oh well, at least we weren't bothered by false alarms on the bite indicator! 



It wasn't until I heard the rapid clicking of my bait-runner that I knew I was in!  Gotta think the little PVA bag o' goodies added to the presentation helped the fish zero in on my bait. 

The first thing I noticed during the fight was how frayed the old line was on my stalking rod( Wow, need to change that! ), so I loosened the drag and the fight lasted longer than it should have with this little fellow.


Certainly not bragging size, but I was happy to have caught it.  Thanks for the taking the pic, Dan( and for the cigar ).

Nice to finally be able to get some bank time in after all the recent autumn wind and rain.    And with luck, a lot more sessions to enjoy before winter's icy grip takes hold. 








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I'll remember that CB!

And ya, have you noticed how break-offs hurt waaaay more when it's because of something YOU do wrong?  Like a poorly tied knot.  Or your line breaks because you didn't check it after a fish had you snagged.  Man, those are tough to get over.  

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