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25th Anniversary Special Edition of "Carp Angler."

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Just received my North American Carp Angler mag in the mail.  What a nice surprise as it also included a nice little commemorative pin celebrating 25 years of CAG, which I've already pinned to my favourite fishing cap.

Really enjoying the magazine and the historical account of carp fishing in its infancy in North America, as well as the formation of CAG.

I've spent countless hours reading about the history of carp fishing in England and about the great pioneers of our sport, so it's a real treat to read about the the early days of our own carping history.  The famous Minnesota fish-in with Doug Stange, editor of In Fisherman Magazine, was amazing.  The fact that this get-together helped to spawn the 1995 In Fisherman carp fishing article titled "The World's Greatest Sport-Fish" blew me away!  I remember reading that article all those years ago!!!  At the time, I was like most young Canadian fisherman, targeting bass, pike and walleye.  As I recall, this controversial article suggested the resilient carp would become the sport fish of the future in North America.  Who could forget that! 

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the magazine and 'thank you' to all the volunteers who put it together for our enjoyment.      


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