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FFF 2019 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!

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Final entry list for FFF 2019!  Eighty-three anglers signed up.  THANKS!

This is the final and official list of anglers who may post FFF 2019 entries for prizes.  If you are not on this list, you are not eligible for prizes (although you are welcome to post catches on this submission thread).  It looks as if some nice catches were made on 1/1/19.  Congrats to those who were successful!

Frank Rink (FJR1, Illinois, North Zone)
Cory Bohmann (bailybird, Illinois, North Zone)
Tim Columbo (Tim Columbo, Massachusetts, North Zone)
Martin Columbo (Martin Columbo, Massachusetts, North Zone)
Colin Peters (colin peters_576, New York, North Zone)
Chad Bettisch (Chad, Illinois, North Zone)

David Dakin (David Dakin, Connecticut, North Zone)

Richie Eldridge (richie eldridge, Ohio, North Zone)
Matt Bonadies (pikeintheboat, Indiana, North Zone)
Anthony Hartung (JYB, Illinois, North Zone)
Bob Elias (rje, Maryland, fishing in PA, North Zone)
Dave Pickering ((RI) pickerd, Rhode Island, fishing in RI or MA, North Zone)
Frank Aiello (Frank A, Maryland, fishing in Washington, DC, South Zone)

Tom Schulten (Tom S, Maryland, fishing in MD or Washington, DC, South Zone)
Bob White (BobWhite, Rhode Island, fishing in MA, North Zone)
Chris Harriman (C Harriman, Missouri, fishing in Missouri and/or Kansas, South Zone)
Brian Sherwood (FiSherwood, Texas, South Zone)
Brett Du Preez (Brett Du Preez , Iowa, North Zone)
Josh Iverson (Josh Iverson , Vermont, fishing in VA or DC, South Zone)
20.  Kyle Houghtelin (Kyle H, Pennsylvania, North Zone)
Mike Seal (Mike S, Maryland, fishing in MD or PA, South or North Zone)
Tony Carvalho (acarvalho, Massachusetts, fishing in RI, North Zone)
Randall Hooker (Randall Hooker, Oklahoma, South Zone)
John Schlaffer (John Schlaffer, Maryland, South Zone)
Nathan Grant (Nathan G, Missouri, South Zone)
Kirk Suedmeyer (
(MO)Carper, Missouri, fishing in KS &/or MO, South Zone)
Jeff Conroy (Jeff Conroy, Illinois, North Zone)
Alex Waite (Carpin'IA Iowa, North Zone)
James H. Hopkins (HOPPY4, Maryland, fishing in DC, South Zone)
Todd Richer (Todd Richer_7193, Rhode Island, fishing in MA, North Zone)
Marshall Burba (MarshallB, Indiana, North Zone)
Jake Hall (Jake Hall, Indiana, North Zone)

Jimmy Sneed, Jr. (Jimmy Sneed Jr, Indiana, North Zone)
Tony Locke (Tony Locke, Georgia, South Zone)

Barry Shildneck ((GA) Needmotime2fish, Georgia, South Zone)
Keith Thompson (Keith, Texas, South Zone)
Cristian Torres (SoCalCarper, Texas, South Zone)
Aaron Stark (Aaron Stark, Texas, South Zone)
Kevin Zeh (Kevin Zeh, Michigan, North Zone)

40.  Dustin Phillips (Dustin Phillips, Georgia, South Zone)
Bob Harnish (Lefty H, Massachusetts, North Zone)

Tim Marshall (UKTim, North Carolina, South Zone)
Sam Williams (Sam Williams, New York, North Zone)
Kevin Miller (401_KoCarp_Miller, Rhode Island, fishing in RI or MA, North Zone)
Christian Webber (Christian Webber, Ohio, North Zone)
Finley Miller (TXMulti_Species, Texas, South Zone)
Jarred Measmer (tmeasmer, Massachusetts, North Zone)
Nicholas Anderson (Nicholas Anderson, Texas, South Zone)
Clayton Lothrop ((TX) TX Angler, Texas, South Zone)
50.  Jerome Moisand (Jerome, Massachusetts, North Zone)
Iain Murray ((MA) redcoat, Massachusetts, North Zone)
Chris Matthews (chris Matthews, Illinois, North Zone)
Rick Cox (RickCox2, Ohio, North Zone)
Dick Laubscher (Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher, Ohio, North Zone)
Cesar Espinoza (SoCalCarper760, Texas, South Zone)
Angel Medrano (asmedrano, Rhode Island, North Zone)
Sean Reed (Sean Reed, Rhode Island, North Zone)
Chad Harper (chad harper, Indiana, North Zone)
Frank Kessler (Katy Carper, Texas, South Zone)
60.  Gary Chapman (Gary Chapman, Tennessee, South Zone)
Ray Arquette (SweetRay, Texas, South Zone)
Bill Markle (Carphd, New York, North Zone)
Fabian Fonseca (Fabian Fonseca, Texas, South Zone)
Thomas Gotsch (BraddockCarp, New Jersey, North Zone)
Salmir Dugonjic ((VA) Sal Dugonjic, Virginia, fishing in DC, South Zone)
Evan Cartabiano (Evan C, Texas, South Zone)
Mark Bonette (Mark B, Texas, South Zone)
Kristopher Tait (Kristopher Tait, Texas, South Zone)
Jay Maxson (Jay Maxson, Illinois, North Zone)
70.  Kent Appleby (Baustin, New York, North Zone)
James Sanders ((IN) Fishfighter, Indiana, North Zone)
Bill and Willy Gordon (WG666666, Pennsylvania, North Zone)
Chris Vines (Chris,Texas, South Zone)
Chad Woolard ((TX) Djkleen02) Texas, South Zone)

Rex Broadbent (Rex Broadbent, Rhode Island, North Zone)
Justin Keaton (Justin Keaton, Indiana, North Zone)
Michael Miller (Gengen, Arizona, South Zone)
Joe Carter (Texas Carper, Texas, South Zone)
80.  Emilio Montoya (Emilio Montoya, Illinois, North Zone)
Matthew Szot (SuskycarerPA, Pennsylvania, North Zone)
Jacob Ayotte (jacob Ayotte, Rhode Island, North Zone)
83.  Brid Caveney (Brid, Texas, South Zone)

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On 1/1/2019 at 5:13 AM, Brett Du Preez said:

I took it at 42020 but I couldn't figure out how to put the time stamp on the picture on my phone.  It's in the metadata though (inspect element).  I think he netted it at 415.

OK.  Thanks.


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8 hours ago, Thomas Schulten said:

Tom Schulten 

Kingsville MD


Tom--I am not seeing your fish in these posts.  I can post them for you if you post them on Facebook with appropriate captions or if you e-mail them to me at fjrink@comcast.net.  Thanks.--Frank

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