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FFF 2019 - Post Written Summaries (Jerome Adventure Tale) of your FFF 2019 Experience here!

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This FFF 2019 thread is where you will post your always enjoyable written summaries of your FFF 2019 experience (Jerome Adventure Tale). 

In honor of Jerome Moisand's quick wit, photography skills, way with words, and dedication to CAG and FFF as past organizer of many First Fishing Follies, we are including an award category for the best written summaries of your 2019 FFF adventure. It will be called the FFF 2019 Jerome Adventure Tale Award

Your summaries will be judged by a panel consisting of Iain Sorrell, Jerome Moisand and myself.  Although the judges are encouraged to submit FFF 2019 stories, they automatically remove themselves from award contention.  The winner will receive a prize worth$25, the second place winner will receive a prize worth $15, and the third place winner will receive a prize worth $10.  All participants will receive a frameable FFF 2019 Jerome Adventure Tale Award Certificate. There will be no north and south zones for this FFF 2019 category.

You can see/read examples of summaries from last year's contest here!


1. You must be registered for FFF 2019 to submit an FFF 2019 Jerome Adventure Tale.

2. Simply post your creative, well-written story and outstanding photographs in a reply box on this thread.

3. Please include the following information at the beginning of your post:
A. Begin your tale with a title.
B. Let us know the locale, including the city and state/province, where the story takes place (Sharing detailed information about the exact location of the venue is optional.).
C. Include your first and last name.

4. You are definitely encouraged to include photos to help tell your tale, but photos are not an absolute requirement for award consideration. Photos can be embedded within the story or posted at the end.

6. The best way to post a photo is to drag it to the the bottom of each posting window or to choose a file as indicated at the bottom of each posting window.

If you are having problems with the photo posting options, I will take your photo via e-mail and post the photo for you.  However, you should know how to post photos on the forum, so please don’t abuse this option. E-mail me at fjrink@comcast.net or pm me at FJR1. I'll need your e-mailed entries at least two hours before the January 4 deadline to allow me to process and post the pictures by the posting deadline: 1:00 p.m. EST, Noon CST, 11:00 a.m. MST, 10:00 a.m. PST.

6.  Every and all FFF 2019 award entries must be posted on this thread by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) on Friday, January 4, 2019.  No exceptions!

7. Again, every and all FFF 2019 Jerome Adventure Tale entries must be posted on this thread by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) on Friday, January 4, 2017.  No exceptions!

Thank you. We look forward to some great stories and accompanying photographs.

Don't forget to register for FFF 2019 by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 31, 2018. Registering much earlier than that, like right now, is always appreciated. Thanks.—Frank Rink, FFF 2019 Coordinator

Click here to post all FFF 2019 Carp Entries/Captures/Photos
Click here for FFF 2019 Detailed Rules.
Click here for FFF 2019 Contest Categories and Prizes.

Click here to post all FFF 2019 Jerome Adventure Tale Entries

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          Finally a successful FFF!!

  The tale begins Dec 31st 2017 decided weeks prior to take on the cag sponsered FFF with my little brother Martin Columbo. We were so excited to get out on the 1st and get our first carp of the year but mother nature put a dampener on that. The week before we had weather in the 20s and that week pretty much the same but we were still hopeful and committed to getting a few in the net. 

 So we took off at 11:30 pm to a warm water discharge in the heart of the city Boston in Massachusetts only to find out it was completely frozen over. Now being the new year the pressure was on to find a venue that wasnt iced over. We searched and searched with no luck then finally around 5am finding a small pond with a little open water amongst the sheet of ice covering the rest of the surface area. We gave it a good go fished until 4pm that afternoon with no luck blanked out our first FFF.

 So after last years defeat we both said to each other where gonna come back next year and make it happen even if we have to travel to another state or states. But as luck had it this year was totally different forty degrees thru the night and supposed to be in the fifties the following day Boston is where we will be fishing.

 So we headed back to the first venue that we swore wouldnt be frozen last year me my brother Martin Columbo and best bud Bob Harnish aka Lefty to find nothing but open water looking like a sheet of glass. We quickly set up n tossed out the rods and within minutes Martin was in on his first fish of the year.

   He had a couple fish in before I finally had my first 5:40 am 5.4 lbs I was ecstatic our mission was a success!! The next couple hours went by relatively slow martin and lefty seemed to be on the sweet spot as they were hauling them in but my next fish didnt come until sunrise 7:17 am. The sun was rising behind us and the city as I was taking a photo with the biggest fish to come out yet 14.4lbs i was over the moon at this point and was happy to call it a day but the guys wanted to keep it going so I decided to stick it out with them.

  The rest of the day went by eventless for me not another run martin and lefty both still catching I was happy to net and take photos of all there captures. Dont remember the exact time but at some point in the morning I heard a gentleman walking up asking for fishing licenses I quickly turned around expecting a dcr officer or park ranger but it was in fact Jerome Moisand joking around lol. We talked for a few moments and he was off to go catch a couple himself. 

  Think it was around eleven o clock and the weather turned big time 30 to 40 mph gusts of wind and the river started to look like the ocean with white caps as far as the eye could see my brother said one more and he was done and I was okay with that so about 20 minutes later the last one for him came in while weighing in and photographing his last catch we heard Jerome call us over his reel had locked up n he was handlining his first fish in my brother quickly net it for him and also took a photo for him. 

  After that we packed up n made the walk back to the car both of us satisfied with the redemption of last new years. We were both happy to have brought in the new year doing something we love so deeply fishing for gold. Cannot wait until next year!









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This FFF 2019 "Jerome Adventure Tale" is not eligible for awards as the author is also a judge for the category.

A "Mixed Bag" for Illinois anglers at FFF 2019 and related Tournaments
by Frank Rink

Hopes were high prior to FFF 2019 as we completed a five day pre-baiting campaign at the Jackson Street Bridge venue in Joliet, Illinois!

However, Joliet saw an inch of rain on December 31, 2018 that resulted in a dirty, swollen, fast DesPlaines River during our locally organized “Midnight Madness - FFF” Total Carp and Big 3 Tournaments and the Carp Angler's Group national First Fishing Folly (FFF 2019) on January 1, 2019.

Despite the conditions, five anglers still had hopes of catching upon arrival at the 10:00 p.m. peg choice. Hope dwindled for four of us as the night wore on and weather varied from rain to snow to ice pellets.

Jay Maxson played the conditions well, caught the only two fish of the entire local contest, and won all available contest categories and related awards for our local event!   Well done and congratulations, Jay!

Jay landed a four pounder at 11:15 p.m. and also pulled in a fine 17-3 at 5:45 a.m. to win the Total Carp Tournament. To spread the “wealth” a bit, rules dictate that an angler can only win one place in the two available tournaments, so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Big 3 event as well as 2nd and 3rd in the Total Carp Tournament went unawarded. Again, by rule, unawarded entry fees are reimbursed to non-winning anglers who are present at the awards ceremony. Consequently, there was some consolation for Chad Bettisch, Anthony Hartung, Frank Rink, and Cory Shanks who received all but $2 of their entry fees to help lessen the pain of blanking from 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m.

Jay Maxson’s awards did not end, however, at the medal and cash he earned for first place in the Total Carp event.

Jay also won the following:

Big Carp of the Event - IBobber Depth, Feature, and Fish Finder donated by Frank Rink. - Jay Maxson at 17 pounds, 3 ounces.

Big Carp of the Event - Due to the kind generosity of Blagoja Arsov, $17 will be awarded to the angler catching the Big Carp of the "Midnight Madness" event! Thank you, Blagoja! - Jay Maxson at 17 pounds, 3 ounces.

Smallest Carp of the Event - A brand new Plano bits box donated by Frank Rink will be awarded to the angler who catches the smallest carp of the event! - Jay Maxson at 4 pounds, 0 ounces.

First Carp - A Guru Gripper river feeder donated by Frank Rink goes to the anger catching the first carp of the event! - Jay Maxson at 11:15 p.m.

Last Carp - A Guru Gripper river feeder Donated by Frank Rink goes to the anger catching the last carp of the event! - Jay Maxson at 5:45 a.m.

Big Fish Each Hour - A pack of new hooks (most being curved shank) donated by Frank Rink will go the the angler catching the big fish (any species) each hour of the event (11-12, 12-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7). - Jay Maxson at 11:00 p.m. to midnght and Jay Maxson at 5:00 a.m. top 6:00 a.m.

The Carp Soonest after Midnight - Due to the kind generosity of Chris Matthews, $17 will be awarded to the angler catching a carp the soonest after midnight! This may result in a double prize if you are a CAG member and entered in FFF 2019! Thank you, Chris! - Jay Maxson at 5:45 a.m.

Carp Caught Closest to 1:30 a.m. - Guru Specialist Gripper Feeder, 4 oz. donated by Frank Rink. - Jay Maxson at 11:15 p.m.

Carp Caught Closest to 3:00 a.m. - Rig Holder with 5 Rigs donated by Frank Rink! - Jay Maxson at 5:45 a.m.

Carp Caught Closest to 6:00 a.m. - Guru Specialist Gripper Feeder, 4 oz. donated by Frank Rink. - Jay Maxson at 5:45 a.m.

That’s quite a haul, Jay. Congratulations! Jay's 17-3 carp at 5:45 a.m. also qualified him for national honors in the Carp Angler’s Group First Fishing Folly (FFF 2019)!

Trophies for Most Carp in the seven-event Fall 40’s Series

The December 31-January 1 event was the seventh and last tournament held during the Fall 40’s, 2018 series of tournaments. Trophies were awarded on January 1 to the five anglers catching the most carp during the seven contests.

The following five received or will receive trophies for their accomplishment:

1st Place - Frank Rink - Big fish: 21-3; Sept. 1: 6; Sept. 29: 8; Oct. 27: 12; Nov. 10: 10; Nov. 24: 6; Dec. 8: 4; Dec. 31: 0; Total: 46

2nd Place - Chad Bettisch - Big fish: 13-2; Sept. 1: 9; Sept. 29: 1; Oct. 27: 4; Nov. 10: DNF; Nov. 24: 12; Dec. 8: 0; Dec. 31: 0; Total: 26


3rd Place - Chuck Ferczok - Big fish: 17-15; Sept. 1: 5; Sept. 29: DNF; Oct. 27: 10; Nov. 10: 5; Nov. 24: 5; Dec. 8: 0; Dec. 31: DNF; Total: 25

4th Place - Cory Bohmann - Big fish: 14-9; Sept. 1: 7; Sept. 29: 4; Oct. 27: 7; Nov. 10: 3; Nov. 24: 0; Dec. 8: 0; Dec. 31: DNF; Total: 21

5th Place - Blagoja Arsov - Big fish: 18-9; Sept. 1: 4; Sept. 29: 1; Oct. 27: 5; Nov. 10: 3; Nov. 24: 1; Dec. 8: 0; Dec. 31: DNF; Total: 14

Congratulations to all!

FFF 2019 in Chicago

Speaking of the FFF and Illinois results, Jeff Conroy, an angler who frequently fishes with us at Joliet and other locations, stayed in Chicago and did well, which should put him in contention for a variety of national FFF 2019 awards!

Based on current submissions to the national FFF 2019 site, Jeff captured six carp with the biggest at 13+. Nicely done Jeff! Good luck with national FFF event awards. Deadline for submission of fish is January 4, so Jeff could possibly add more to his current “bag” of carp.

Emilio Montoya, last year's sole angler in the FFF 2018 who caught a carp in the North Zone, also ventured into the 2019 Chicago night very early and caught a 13-13 at 2:13 a.m. Great work, Emilio!

Future of J-Town Fall 40’s Series and FFF at Joliet

In looking at past records, I have found Joliet has been highly inconsistent during the January 1 FFF and related tournaments we have conducted there. Consequently, January 1 2019 was the last of the FFF related tournaments I will conduct at Joliet. Anybody is always welcome to conduct an event at Joliet or just participate in CAG's First Fishing Folly there, but, for me and many others, there have been too many long nights of blanking; so my formally organized events at Joliet at New Year’s Eve and Day are over. 

On the other hand, this FFF 2019 was the sixth year I have organized the First Fishing Folly with CAG, and I will continue to aggressively promote the event as I believe it promotes the principals that define our organization!  As long as I am able, I will always participate in CAG's FFF.  However, it will be in a place that is not Joliet, Illinois.

Thanks to all who participated in the FFF 2019!  Best of luck with your carping exploits in 2019! —Frank Rink

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(MO)MoCarpers Big Adventure #3 (Not!)

Well, always the best laid plans ya know!. I was sooo looking forward to my third FFF- no matter the temperature, the travel, the time, I was gonna be out, set up and catch fish all night and day, then night again!. Surely this was going to be better than last year! Minus 11 F and the only open water was my favorite spot, which I did well but the temperature was very challenging. The forecast said it would be warm enough this year-about 19 degrees, but, the first Omen- uh, rain was forecast for Sunday night into Monday. Uh-oh, this ain't good, as I gravitate to creeks in the winter and flooded creeks are nearly impossible to fish.

I stood, literally for hours Monday morning as the rain came, first predicted as a few gentle showers-I can handle that; but waves of heavy rain followed, accumulating to nearly an inch of rain!. So being totally prepared, I reviewed the USGS rain gauge and stream levels-a nice, easily accessible site to check on float conditions, depth, temps, cubic discharge per second, etc. all over the state and all free as our taxes pay for it 😊), but, Omen #2-there was a statement that due to the government shut down, the site may not be updated or trouble-shooted- WHAT, AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I felt like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone!! The graph revealed my biggest fear-flooding!, which was confirmed by on-site evaluation. I decided I wasn't going to be able to fish any of my favorite spots.

IMG_5468.JPGIMG_5458.JPG                                             Omen #3-driving to look at my first, second and third flooded choices my low tire pressure light came on. The van doesn't tell you though which tire is low. Do I drive 90 minutes to fish a warm water power plant venue I had never fished?- hmmmmmm, well, uh, yeah I'm gonna try it! Jerome was going to fish FFF as well as Todd and Dave and Frank and all other CAG members I have learned so much from-I'd make ya'll proud!..... I simply go to the local Quik-trip, as they supply free air. I found out the reason why-no gauge and the supply couldn't overcome the air coming out of the tire!-someone had run over the nozzle, so it didn't fit perfectly....double ugghhhh-so I paid $1.50 to fill my tires with air. After filling all four tires, I proceeded to drive to the power plant. Colleagues had sporadically caught fish there, and being warm water (~53 degrees) just maybe that was my golden chalice!- (uhh not). I followed google maps, which I truly can't stand, and yep, it led me wrong-right to the armed guard shack of the plant. At this time of night, the plant was an impressive monolith with steam blowing across the warm water. A nice gentleman said I couldn't go further; I simply asked where I can fish, along the warm water channel into the main lake? "why yes" he knew about the fishing spots and said it was only 6 miles away!-off I went. At the turn-off 300 yards away-the road turned to dirt, wet and puddled and tricky to drive in complete darkness.........I arrived at the spot in just a couple minutes and ugghhhhh once again-two fisherman had just pulled up. We had a good short conversation-they were catfisherman but knew there were carp here too. I thanked them and moved to another spot. So excited!!, I was there by 10:00-just enough time to set-up and if i timed it right, right around 12:30 I should land my first of many fish!

IMG_5460.JPG                                                                                                                                                                                              So.....one great run pulling the rod out of the pod at 11:00pm-yahoo! I'm gonna do it!!!!, then AGGGHHHHHH and AGGHHHHH again-slap me with aftershave Macauley-hook pull halfway in!- I hadn't had a hook pull since spring!........................then, lost another one at the bank less than 15 minutes later-no sweat, the fish are biting and I simply had to time one after midnight-finally!......uh, but no, the bite died, the winds picked up to 25mph, that misty, miserable wind that cuts through ya. there was a current in the channel that rolled my 3oz weights like tiddlywinks and after 4 hours, I succumbed-I had been up since 5am, worked for 6 hours (and just for extra luck I caressed my good luck office charms-a brass carp, a Chinese good luck carp and this monster garden statue carp-that'd be the trick!), then I spent the rest of the


afternoon prepping. So, I drove the lonely 90 minutes home, slept for an hour, then rose, got my sunrise picture, and returned to work. as I drove back, I noticed the creeks were still high but dropping-is there hope? I gotta try again!. The wind was still strong and temperatures were holding at 20 degrees with wind chills near 0. I had to pack light for crossing swollen creeks-hauling the 25lb propane tank like last year just wasn't going to happen. One ingenious item I designed though-I invented the Missouri bivy!- it is a simple set-up and so inexpensive! Simply get a Mr. Buddy heater, turn it on, then cover it all with a towel, including your head!. the towel works well, channeling intense heat like a chimney flue. Be warned though, this isn't UL approved, and if you let the towel sag, it will catch on fire and melt the handle.......ummm, that was learned during the development stages ☺️

IMG_5493.JPGIMG_5494.JPGIMG_5515.JPGIMG_5495.JPG   The Missouri Bivy!!                                                                                                                       So, I checked my creeks again- MAYBE?- REALLY?- I can see the gravel bar now!-my favorite spot had receded to expose 10 square feet or gravel bar (the creek banks are 90 degrees straight up-can only wade to gravel bars and fish from them)-20 minutes later, after wading the swollen creeks 6 times, I was set at my favorite spot, one that consistently produces mirrors and large commons, (up to 21lbs).....so excited!....and........and.......after 3 hours, not a hit, not a run, not a fish but I did lose two rigs......I packed up and drove home very disappointed........was I really going to blank?, after catching carp all year log the stars didn't align......... oh well, I'm not really 


Oh well, I'm not complaining though- I got to fish...........got my sunrise pic, constructed my snow carp (made with goldfish crackers none-the less 😄), but, as far as catching fish...........it wasn't meant to be, but WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!!!........and, oh well hopefully my dreams will be of carpin.....(it helps to have the pillow my staff gave me ☺️).........


Congrats to  all the carpers of FFF 2019 and hope you had a great holiday with your families-the ones who support your fishing ya know!!  Next year I'll be ready!!- hee, heeheeeeeee :bigsmile:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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New Years Day On The Water

Chris Harriman


I would never go fishing on January 1st.  Not since the last time, anyway.  When I was a kid, my dad and I once fished the annual “Polar Bear” bass tournament.  We didn't win and, even worse, I get reminded somewhat regularly about how my fingers were too cold to tie on a lure.  My wife has always commented about getting me carp gear for Christmas that I never get to put it to immediate use.  Getting out and trying out new gear, regardless of how enjoyable the fishing may be, would be an efficient way to ensure more carp gear next Christmas.  Normally, my fishing gear would sit dormant until Spring.  Suffice it to say, were it not for the First Fishing Folly I would never have considered carping to ring in the new year. 

When I registered, the forecast called for a high of 33 degrees.  That sounded cold, but tolerable.  As the days passed, that number became 29 degrees and then 25 degrees.  I really cannot oversell how little my body naturally tolerates the cold.  Given the option, I’d rather bake in the heat than be out in the chill, but when you fish on New Years’ Day you don’t have any control over the temperature.  I figured a heavy baiting routine would make sure that I was invested enough to not back out at the last minute.

Step one, find a venue.  I settled on a local creek with easy access from downtown Kansas City.  Earlier in December, I even landed my personal best from this spot after an insignificant spot of pre-baiting.  The creek holds plenty of carp and the hope would be that I could land a few, and with a bit of luck, with some size.  The downside of this particular body of water is that its partially fed by an overflow in the sewer system and is known for high E. Coli levels.  As per usual, copious amounts of hand sanitizer would be in my bag.


Step two, determine a bait and baiting routine.  I signed up about two weeks before event and had plans to bait heavily.  I put together my normal spicy field corn and bird food mix along with cattle cubes.  At the house, I had some chocolate protein mix that I used to make about three kilos of boilies.  I’ve made boilies in many different flavors and my wife complained about the smell of these much less than the others.  I soaked these in some Carnation canned milk and was quite pleased with the outcome.  In a test run, I was able to land a carp on them, so I was confident that they would be successful.

Step three, bait it up.  I started putting out corn, bird food, range cubes, and boilies about two weeks before the event.  The plan was to start heavy and taper down for the last few days.  After a few trips to the water I was confident that there were fish in the spot that I had picked.

I planned on baiting every day for the final three days, slowly reducing the amount going in.  I was too busy on the 29th to make it down to the creek and, unfortunately, I found that the water was frozen on the 30th.  I spent the rest of the day developing a method to break the ice, which after hours of work ended up being essentially a floating rake on a rope.  By the time it was finished, apathy had taken over and no bait was put out.

I awoke on New Years Eve to find it raining.  By the time I made it to the water, the rain had turned to snow flurries.  At least the flowing current had broken the ice, so I was able to get out my bait.  I had fished this swim after rain previously and knew that the fish liked to feed on the surface with all of the debris floating down stream.  Last time I was there during rain, I had stalked out my PB mirror on the surface.  I watched the water closely and caught sight of a not unsubstantial tail fin breaching the surface about 20 yards from where I had been baiting.  In different circumstances, I may have run home to grab a rod and a loaf of bread, but that was not the purpose of the trip.

The night before was spent getting rigs and rods ready to go.  Based on my previous experience with cold induced numbness, I opted to make sure that I had everything arranged while I could still feel my fingers.  Even the pod was set up at the house.  My warmest clothes were laundered and laid out, the car was loaded, and I was ready to go.


Many anglers spent the evening on the water looking for that first fish of the year, but not me.  I may be crazy, but I’m no fool.  The temperature was a balmy 24 degrees and the sun could not be bothered to make an appearance.  I arrived at about 13:00 and was quickly set up.  On the way to my spot, I passed a small flock of Hooded Mergansers, one of my favorite (and notoriously hard to photograph) winter-time birds.  As good as I was feeling, it was hard to not be aware that my hands and feet were already chilly.

The net, unhooking mat, and weigh sling were put out first.  I opted to cast the rods out before digging bare hands into the already cold particle mix.  All were simple blow-back rigs; two with my homemade strawberry-vanilla popups and one with my chocolate milk boilie. 


Five minutes after the first rod was out, and before I introduced any bait, the alarm sounded.  A short battle later and my net went under ten pound, eleven ounce common.  Having spent most of the previous year struggling my way through smaller fish, it was nice to start the year off with a double.  My camera setup was still in the bag and I did not trust my carp-slime covered hands to work quickly enough to get it out.  One carp selfie later and my first capture of the year was back in the water. 

A better carp angler may have adjusted their approach to match my early success, but I was a man with a plan.  The strategy from the beginning was to put out small amounts of particle directly over my hookbaits and it had to be done.  In hindsight, perhaps I would have found more success without introducing any chum and just fishing single popups. 

I soon found another flaw in my tactics; my milk-soaked boilies were frozen.  Not just frozen, but frozen to each other.  Within an hour, I was unable to remove any of them from my bucket.  Even my hookbait was frozen to the point that after an hour underwater I found that it still had milk frozen to the outside.  The idea had been to make a lovely little bait that would leak attraction into the water, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  I gave that rod another uneventful hour before moving it over a stack of maize and artificial corn. 


I landed two more carp, one just under and another just over ten pounds.  Carping in such cold temperature is unique.  I find that the fish are too lethargic to put up a proper fight.  Until I had it to the surface, I would have sworn that the second fish was one of the diminutive Yellow Bullheads that have plagued me in the past.  Also, the bites tend to be so delicate.  Part of my new gear was a set of Fox Slik bobbins which I was very excited to try.  I found them far superior to my old Amazon no-names, but with increasingly useless fingers I could not make any small adjustments to their tension.  I watched them bounce up and down, no more than a half inch at a time, but only one bite resulted in any line being taken off the reel.  It’s such a different thing than the violent takes I was accustomed to when the weather was less objectionable.

Three hours passed, and it was time to start watching the clock to set a time to go.  Bass fishermen have it easy - “just one more cast” may end up being seven or eight, but it tends to end in a definable moment for when its time to give in and go home.  For carpers, however, even the shortest cast could be up to 30 minutes long.  I picked 16:30 as that time for me, notwithstanding a sudden run on the fish.  My handwarmers advertised eight hours of usage, but they lasted two.  At this point, I had no feeling in my hands at all and my feet were so cold that it hurt to stand.  If I’m being honest with myself, I wasn’t looking forward to catching another fish as I’d be forced to take off my gloves and get my hands wet again.  With no means with which to warm back up, landing a carp sounded like a less than desirable outcome.  Even my net sat to the side, frozen in a mangled, broken heap as if to say, “is this my life now?”

And with that, I packed it away and went home.  More time was spent in the car trying to get feeling back in my fingers than I care to admit, but once the pain diminished enough to grip the wheel I was off.  Last year I had set a goal to bank a 20 and failed.  This year I’ve chosen to set that as a secondary goal while I focus on catching a fish in every month of the year.  With January out of the way, I’ve got nothing but February to look forward to.  I’ll probably pick a warmer day, though.

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This serves as a gentle reminder that every and all entries for FFF 2019 awards must be posted on this thread by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) on Friday, January 4, 2019.  That is today!

Award prize donors have been finalized. Once winners are announced, I will be asking for your e-mail addresses for prize distribution.

Huge thanks to CAG for funding the prizes and to CAG President Iain Sorrell for arranging/organizing the prize package!


First Fish and Lucky 13 (13 anglers catching the earliest carp of 2019) award winners and Jerome Adventure Tale (Written and Pictorial Summary of your FFF 2019 Experience) award winners will receive vouchers for CAG Store purchases!

Huge thanks to Linear Bait Co. and Brian Wisnowski for providing vouchers at a highly discounted rate to CAG for FFF 2019 prizes!
Linear Bait Logo.jpg

Monster (Big Fish) award winners, Emperor Persistence (Most Fish) award winners, Baby (Small Fish) award winners,  and Scubadoc Mirror (Big Mirror) award winners will receive vouchers for Linear Bait Co. purchases!

Don't forget 
that every and all entries for awards must be posted on this thread by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) on Friday, January 4, 2019.  That is today!

Best of luck to all! --Frank Rink

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The opportunity for FFF 2019 submissions is now closed.  Thanks to all who participated or attempted to participate in FFF 2019!  Results will be posted within the next 48 hours.  Thanks, again, to all who were involved in CAG's First Fishing Folly 2019! --Frank Rink


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"Missouri bivvy" Kirk Suedmeyer,  "Frozen fingers" Chris Harriman, "Fishing licenses" Tim Columbo (and also "Not Eligible" Frank Rink), you guys are all FFF MVPs! 

I really enjoyed reading those stories. Incredible tales, contagious enthusiasm, great pics and you all have your own unique brand of writing. Thank you for all the work you put in this event. 


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FFF 2019 is over!  CAG’s FFF 2020 will be held on Wednesday, January 1, 2020!  I hope you will consider participating.

Thanks to the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) for funding the prizes, to Linear Bait Co. and Brian Wisnowski for a generous discount to CAG for Linear Bait Co. vouchers/prizes, to Jerome Moisand for helping judge the “Jerome Adventure Tale” category, and to Iain Sorrell for prize solicitation, for helping judge the “Jerome Adventure Tale” category, and for his continual support and leadership as CAG president!

Biggest thanks to the 83 anglers who registered for the event and to the 22 anglers who submitted entries.  You captured 106 carp weighing in excess of 900 pounds.  Not bad for the conditions that many of you faced on 1/1/19!

I have sent messages, either through the CAG Forum Message system or through CAG’s Facebook Messages, to the prize winners. 

Those messages include your voucher code if you were a CAG Store voucher winner and/or a request for your email address if you were a Linear Bait Co. voucher winner (so your voucher can be coded and finalized).  If you are a Linear Bait Co. voucher winner, please respond to me with your email address by Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  Thank you!

It was an enjoyable event for me in the planning, execution, and participation (even though I blanked this year), and in seeing some incredible catches, stories, and photos.  Thanks to all involved and congratulations to the winners!  Tight lines in 2019!

Dr. Frank Rink
Coordinator of FFF 2019, FFF 2018, FFF 2017, FFF 2016, FFF 2015, FFF 2014

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