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Not sure how to rig this method feeder

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Ordered a couple of method leads online and I'm not sure how to rig them. Here's a link to the item description. 

I was a bit confused when I tried to tie on a hair rig. One end of the lead seems to be standard inline, but the other end has a ring. How do I pass my main line through this? I messed with it enough that the two ends came out. Not sure, I may have broken it. Passed the line through it and tied a swivel on the other end. Basically standard inline, but if there's already a ring or loop, I don't know how to pass the main line through, so I don't know how to rig the top end. If I just tie it on, I don't have much confidence in it not breaking under strain. Any ideas? I tried running a line through the narrow end, but it gets stopped at the ring on the other end, doesn't go through.

method lead feeder


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Some questions/answers re a similar device on Amazon.com:


The swivel and tube pull out from the feeder body. Pass your main line through the feeder body, through the tube and then tie the swivel at one end. 
Pull it all tight and the feeder is set. Tie your hook line to the other eye of the swivel and your done
By Customer on July 26, 2017
The swivel detaches. You just have to pull hard enough and it will pop out of the plastic tube. 
By Brandon B. on May 17, 2018

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