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The Leaderboard - How to Register


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If you have already Registered in previous years or for other CAG Leaderboard Events


If you see this message:

"Such an email already exists in the Leaderboard,

please use the Retrieve Password button to reset your password"

Simply enter the email address you used to register and and the Captcha Code and then Click Remind

Password Remind.JPG

You will receive an email and a link to reset your password.


But if this is your first time Registering for the CAG Leaderboard then please follow the instructions below:


(you might find it helpful to open the link in a new tab so you can still see these instructions)


Click here for the LeaderBoard Registration & Log-In


Then Click on the REGISTER button


LB Registration 001.JPG

Enter ALL the info below and make sure your email is entered correctly or you won’t receive the confirmation email.

LB Registration 002.JPG


If you can’t read the Captcha, click the refresh button until you can see one clearly.

THERE ARE NO SPACES when you enter the Captcha.


When you click REGISTER this message will appear:

LB Registration 003.JPG

You will receive an email within 15 minutes (but often immediately) with this message:

LB Registration 004A.JPG

LB Registration 004.JPG

You can now return to the Leaderboard Log-In Link and enter your E-Mail Address and the Password you received in the email:

Click here for the LeaderBoard Log-In
LB Registration 005.JPG

Click on 'Profile'

LB Registration 006.JPG

You can now Enter Information into your Profile and Select a New Password (write it down somewhere so you don't forget it)

LB Registration 007.JPG

You can now select EVENTS and then the event name you wish to Register:  2019 CAG Spring Big 4

LB Registration 008.JPG

LB Registration Apply.JPG

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard 004.JPG

LB Registration Wait.JPG

Once your Registration has been approved you will see this message:

LB Registration Approved.JPG

When the 2019 Spring Big 4 has started you will be able to post your catches!

A Leaderboard - How to Post Your Catches can be found in separate forum thread - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Click Here to Learn How to Enter Catches



LeaderBoard Image 007.png

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