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The Leaderboard - How to Enter Catches


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Leaderboard – Spring Big 4 2019

As many of you know we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop an updated Leaderboard.

Unfortunately we are not able to get this new software implemented in time and will need to run with the existing leaderboard.

The old software is only limited by the size of the image / photo that can be uploaded and the number of uploads.

We are therefore asking everyone to please pay careful attention to the following instructions!


1.    Please limit each image upload size to a maximum of 250Kb

Since most cell phone and camera digital images are MUCH bigger than this you will need to resize your image before uploading it.

How to re-size your image

Please, please please before you start make sure you have saved your original full-sized image as you don’t want to overwrite it with a smaller image!

Here are some options for resizing an image…

1.       Use a program such as Image Resizer Link

2.       Microsoft Photo Viewer. Open the image you want to resize and then right click on the image and select Resize. Make sure you save it with a different name to avoid over-writing the original!

3.       Send the image to yourself as an email attachment (you can even do this from your phone). When you click send it should give you some options like this:

Email Sizing.png

Once you get the email simply save the attachment with a new name (e.g. CAG Big 4 small.jpg) to avoid over-writing the original.


2.   Only upload your 4 Biggest Fish.

Remember this is a Big 4 contest. There is no need to upload ALL of your captures!

Once you’ve uploaded your first 4 fish then simply replace your smallest fish with the latest bigger one.


3. How to Enter your Captures into the Leaderboard

Click Here to Log-In to the Leadboard

Then enter YOUR Email Address and Password and Click the Login Button

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard 001.JPG

Now Click on Events

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard 002.JPG

And then select: 2019 CAG Spring Big4

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard 003.JPG

Now Select: Add Result

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard Add Result.JPG

Then Enter your catch details: Weight, Location and then Upload your Photo which must be no bigger than 250Kb and then Click: Save Result.

CAG Big 4 Leaderboard Enter Result.JPG

** Remember your photo MUST clearly show: You as the Angler, Your Fish, Your Scales and the 2019 Spring Big 4 Logo **

If you have any difficulties then please email Willem with any questions: BIG4@joincag.com


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