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ATC 2019 Champions!

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Correct me if I got this wrong but according to the leaderboard we got Champions! Big  congratulations to Aniq Sajjad and Jaffar Syed of team Blankbusters, .  It appeared to be a difficult 2 days of fishing according to the leaderboards but there was just no stopping team Blankbusters with almost a third of all tournament captures That's gettin' it well done in my book! 

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8 hours ago, SoCalCarper said:

Yes definitely they did a great job it was cool to meet them.   Nice to see you still around maybe will see each other again one day

Awesome, Christian. The greatness of you and your brothers championships may have rubbed off! HA! I'm living in Houston and am the only caretaker of my Mom and dad and literally have not been more than a mile away from here since my mom's second stroke. I made a retreat to my bedroom at their house today and she ended up on the floor just feet from my dad. I'll be back someday and we will share some great fish tales!  

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What an amazing venue! Fishing was tough but we did a ton of research and got lucky in the peg draw both days. Special thanks to Cesar/Christian for letting us borrow bait/cart etc . A huge shout out to the organizers/hosts/fellow anglers for making this a really fun trip. Us MN guys had luck on our side this year....what will happen next year?? 🙂

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