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CAG Spring Big 4 Photos - IMPORTANT!


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PLEASE make sure you follow the requirements below when entering photos with your Big 4 fish entry!

Rule 9. Images must be clear. (See notes below). The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus and clearly visible

- The 2019 Spring Big 4 logo & your Scales must be clearly visible & recognizable. They must NOT be out of focus or partially covered.

- The fish must be held so its full length and size can be easily determined.

- The captors (i.e. anglers) face must be clearly visible and recognizable. It should not be partly covered (e.g. under a buff) or hidden from looking down.


*** Any entry where the submitted photo does not meet these requirements

or has been subject to editing is at risk of being excluded from the Big 4 Competition. ***


Here are a couple of good examples of photos that meet these requirements.

Woody Big 4.jpg  3504 001.jpg

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12 hours ago, Aaron Withers said:

The resized image on my phone looks just fine but my posted image looks terrible. I want to know if the judges see it clearly on their end? Is there an App people prefer or could it be my phone doesn't take good enough quality to be resized?

You can post higher quality pictures here: 

And be sure to save the original photo!

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