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Welcome to the 2019 CCC

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Greetings fellow carp anglers. I would like to introduce myself, I am Chad Bettisch and I will be hosting the 2019 CCC in Joliet Illinois.  The CCC will be held on the Des Plaines river in downtown Joliet on Saturday September 28th. We will have a pre fish on Friday the 27th at Montrose harbor in downtown Chicago on lake Michigan if anyone wants to try the big lake out. There will be another tournament on Sunday the 29th back in Joliet. This Sunday tournament will not be a CAG sponsored event and this will be a money tournament as well as peg choice . I will have updates and hotel information coming in the future.  I hope  to have a attendance of 50 plus here in Joliet for the Saturday CCC. This venue will be on both sides of the river with four sections bieng utilized. If we have more than 50 sign up that will not be a problem since the venue will hold over 100. 

I am looking forward to this event as well as meeting old friends as well as making new ones. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,

Chad Bettisch 

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Hi Chad, 

Last time when it was held at Lake Storey i was able to enter it with my 5 year old and we fished together with the understanding that he would need some help with casting and netting fish, will be it be the same this year as i would like to bring both of my boys along this time.

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let me double check the official  CCC rules however, I don't see a problem.  Ill find out for sure for you.

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As always Chad, let me know if you need some help. Since I live in Joliet it might make a couple things easier on you if you have some small tasks that I could do to help out. 

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Carp Anglers Group Carp Classic (CCC) 2019

Date: September 28th 2019

Venue: Des Plaines River, Joliet IL


CCC 2019 Rules


Prizes for the CCC will be determined by the CAG BOD; at a minimum there shall be prizes & Trophies for the Biggest Carp, and Biggest 4 Carp (total weight of 4 biggest carp caught by angler).

The Peg Draw shall start no later than 7am on Saturday morning (anglers who are arriving early in the morning must register and have their scales checked before 6:30am). Fishing takes place from 8am to 4pm.  The award ceremony will follow at the advertised time and space.

All anglers must be fully paid CAG Members & hold a valid IL fishing license.  

All anglers must have pre-registered and have pre-paid all entry fees before the draw.

This is a catch-and-release competition. No fish will be weighed unless it was caught fairly on rod & line (hook must be within 2 inches of the fish’s mouth), has been handled safely, and can be released alive.

Any angler found attempting to weigh in fish that are snagged, foul-hooked (hook is in a part of the fish’s body more than 2 inches from the mouth) or caught by any other unfair means will be disqualified from the competition.  The Weigh Officials’ decision in all such cases shall be final.

Only Carp (Common or Mirror) can be weighed in and counted for any awards or prizes.  All other fish (including Game Fish) do not count, and must be returned immediately to the water.  Anyone attempting to retain a Game Fish will be disqualified from competition.

If two anglers, as a result of travelling together or a requirement for extra assistance, need to fish adjacent pegs then they must notify the Draw Official in advance and no later than the evening before the peg draw.  These anglers will be allowed to draw first.  One of the two Anglers will draw a peg number and the next adjacent peg will be assigned to his partner (Example: If the first angler draws peg #28 then his travel partner will be assigned peg# 29).  In the event the first angler picks an end peg the two pegs above or below will be assigned.  This will ensure that there are always independent anglers on either side of the two anglers for the purposes of weighing as in Rule 18.  Please note:  The CCC is an individual tournament and EACH angler MUST fish independently of any other.

Each Peg will be 24 feet in width. The angler must fish and place all of their fishing equipment within a rod length (12 feet) either side of the peg flag marker.

Anglers can cast to any point within the boundaries of their peg (the boundary extends at right angles to the bank between pegs).  Any infringements in placing their fishing equipment more than 12 feet from their peg marker flag, or casting outside their peg area will be considered grounds for disqualification from the competition.

Big Carp are hard-fighting fish; there may be a need for an angler to leave their peg location momentarily, to play a fish that is running parallel to the bank.  Please be considerate of other anglers; try and avoid playing your fish in their pegged areas.  Adjacent pegged anglers are encouraged to help an angler in difficulties with a big fish by removing their lines from the water while the fish is being played.  Neighboring anglers can help by netting fish or removing other rods for the angler but no other assistance is allowed.  Each angler must cast, strike, and play their own fish.  The only assistance allowed is with netting and weighing the fish.

Anglers may leave their pegged area to answer a call of nature, etc however all lines must be reeled in before leaving the peg.  If an angler wishes to leave before the official end of the competition, they need to record their leaving time with the anglers on either side of them and remove all their equipment from their pegged area.  Anglers must be present at the end of the Awards Ceremony after competition closes to be eligible for any prizes and awards.

No boats, bait-boats or wading, use of floatation devices or swimming (except in an emergency!); fishing from the shoreline only.

Only 2 RODS per angler may be used at any time, with 1 single hook per rod.  Hooks can be no larger than a size 1, recommended hook patterns are barbless and micro-barbed (e.g. a standard Carp Hook), or have the barb squeezed down with pliers.  Hooks larger than a size 1, multiple hooks, double or treble hooks and hooks with an oversized barb are not allowed.  Weigh Officials have the right to inspect the angler’s hooks, and can disallow fish caught on any other type of hook; Weigh Officials decision in all such cases will be final.  The angler can use an additional rod for spodding, spombing, or controlling a marker float; no fishhooks can be attached to any part of the line on this rod.  The angler can have additional rods pre-rigged at the peg; but they can only have a maximum of two baits in the water at any time.  Any angler found breaking these rules or fishing or attempting to fish in an unsportsmanlike way will be disqualified from the hook completion rules will be disqualified from the competition.

Required for each angler:  a well-padded unhooking mat, a carp-specific weigh sling, a set of scales & tripod/monopod for weighing the fish, and at least 1 mesh style/CAG approved & well ventilated carp sack (for retaining fish in the water temporarily before weighing), and a soft, knotless mesh “fish friendly” landing net of the appropriate size.  Anglers will not be allowed to count fish towards their total if they do not have a suitable mat and landing net.  

IMPORTANT: A long net handle (preferably 9’ or longer) will be required to net the carp since the wall in Joliet is 5’ high from the water. Drop Nets or Retainer Slings with ropes may also be used.

Pre-Baiting will not be allowed.  No breaking of the water is allowed before the start of the competition, except to plumb the depth, position a marker float, wet nets, unhooking mats and carp-sacks.  Anglers are allowed to draw a small amount of water in a suitable bucket or pail, to wet and prepare ground bait (chum).

The competition will start promptly at the advertised time; fishing time will be signaled by one long blast on an air horn or by Weigh Officials.  The fishing period will last a maximum of 8 hours with competition close announced by two long blast on an air horn or by Weigh Officials.  All fishing lines musts be removed promptly at the end of the competition.  Any angler playing a fish when the competition end is announced must call out and signal “Fish On”.  The angler will have a maximum of 15 minutes to play the fish in and net it; timekeeping will be the responsibility of the anglers at adjacent pegs.

Baits allowed are:  human food-quality baits such as bread, corn, beans, carp-safe boiled baits, pellet and paste baits, etc.  The rule here is that the angler must be prepared to taste the bait, to prove it is safe for the fish!  In addition, anglers can use natural baits; worms, night crawlers, maggots, mealworms, wax worms, crickets and hellgrammites, etc.;  Artificial baits, attached to each hook/hair rig system (e.g. artificial corn, boilie, crayfish fly, etc.) can be used, but no spoons, plugs, jigs, or other metal lures can be used.  No live or dead whole or cut fish, stink baits or other smelly catfish-type baits are allowed!  Weigh Officials have the right to inspect all baits, and disallow any bait they deem illegal, offensive or dangerous.

All standard, carp-safe rigs are allowed; all rigs should include either a Safety Clip or allow the lead/sinker to slide over knots and be released, should the mainline break, in the case of an Inline, Helicopter, or Method Feeder rig.  Zig Fishing, Fly Fishing, Float Fishing or Pole Fishing Rigs must include a lower breaking strain leader/hook length/tippet, to avoid a Carp breaking off the whole rig.  All rigs are liable to inspection by Weigh Officials; any unsafe rigs found must be changed immediately, or the angler concerned will be disqualified from the competition.  Weighing Officials decision in all such cases will be final.

Groundbaiting (chumming) is allowed (after the advertised starting time) Spods/Spombs, PVA bags, nets & string, catapults (fishing slingshots), throwing spoons, and feeders of all types are acceptable.  Please bait intelligently and remember this is a river with some barge traffic and bait will head downstream.

Scales Calibration Check – Any angler wanting to use their scales to have their fish weighed by a neighboring angler must present their scales for calibration check to the Weigh Officials on Friday evening (or at 6:30am on Saturday morning for those anglers arriving on Saturday).  Weigh Officials will mark checked scales for neighboring anglers to identify which scales have been check and approved for weighing purposes.

Weighing System – Each angler’s fish will be weighed and recorded by a neighboring angler on the anglers weigh sheet with exact weight, type (Common or Mirror Carp), and time caught.  The neighboring angler will also sign the weigh sheet.  It is each angler’s ultimate responsibility for ensuring that his/her fish is recorded accurately, and that the weigh sheet is delivered to the Weigh Officials at the end of the competition.  In the event of any weighing disagreements or discrepancies, please notify the Organizer or Weigh Officials immediately, with in 1 hour of the end of the competition day, in person.

The Organizer and Weigh Official will examine the angler’s weigh sheet, talk to the recording angler, and will advise the angler of the decision.  In all cases, the Organizers decision shall be final and binding

In the event of a tie for any total or big 4 weight awards & prizes, the angler with the biggest single fish shall be judged the winner.  In the event of a tie for the weight of a single fish award or prize, the award of trophy will be decided by whomever caught said fish first.

A Runner (angler’s guest) is allowed to be with the angler at their designated peg, to support the anglers by netting fish, assisting the Weigh Officials with the weighing and recording of fish, and by releasing fish safely back to the water.  In addition, the Runner can leave the peg at any time, to fetch food and drink, carry the angler’s gear, and liaise with spectators, the Weigh Team, and Media Representatives.  The Runner cannot bait the hook for the angler, cast out, or otherwise touch the fishing rod until the fish is netted; at that point the Runner may move the rod and net out of the way, assist with unhooking the fish, and liaise with the Weigh Officials.

Anglers are responsible for their own property, safety and liability for any damage or injury to others.  The Organizer of this competition, and the Sponsors, wave any liability for any personal loss or injury, howsoever caused; this is an “enter-at-your-own-risk” event.  Please remember that there are likely to be spectators and children present at all times.  Look behind you before you cast!  Anglers will be required to sign a waiver before being allowed to draw; any refusal to sign will result in instant disqualification of that angler.

The $60 Entry Fee must be fully paid to CAG before the draw on September 28th.  This event will be limited to a maximum of 100 anglers.

If the event needs to be cancelled, due to extreme weather conditions, any refunds will be at the sole discretion of the CAG BOD; their decision will be final.

Please note whether you are fishing with a buddy/spouse/relative this is still an individual event and only the registered angler will be eligible to fish and able to win.

Important! Registration and Entry to take part in the CCC signifies your agreement to be bound by the Rules Listed Above and your acceptance of any decision made by the CCC Organizers or CAG Directors in relation to these rules or in the event of any un-sportsman like behavior or misconduct.

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Hi Chad,I have to talk to Fred see if he wants to do it or try to find someone to pick me up and take me back Home I'll let you know ok

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I still have my CCC section win trophy from... oh god... 15 years ago or so? I got lucky at the peg draw, an end swim at the Des Plaines river definitely helped!

Good luck to everybody, and many thanks to Chad for organizing the event this year. A seed planted a while ago did work! 😉

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