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Funniest catch-ya gotta read this one!

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So.........while I had just set my rigs a couple days ago, I noted some discreet ripples near shore, so I stalked closer and found a single goldfish lazily swimming, so i attempted to catch it. It wasn't afraid and kept along the shoreline, ebbing back and forth with each ripple. i carefully placed my method pack and hair close to where i anticipated the fish to go, and after only a couple minutes, it grabbed the corn (almost as big as it was) and flipped the whole rig onto a shallow rock!. before I could lift the rod, it slipped back into the water, where I easily netted it. Unfortunately, the fish didn't register on the scale. It was a significant capture!- only my third goldfish, and first that wasn't gluten free!!......I carefully released it, but it didn't swim away; it rolled several times, then settled back into the abyss, but later swam away (or was eaten by bluegills :jumpy:) ...not sure the video comes through...........enjoy your memorial day weekend-thanks to all who have let us fish for carp!!!....  MO


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Oh my gosh! You are too much. Love your sense of humor and die hard carp spirit!

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