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First Spring Outing ( RE-POSTED TO ADD PICS! )

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Why is it when our lakes are frozen over, you have all kinds of time on your hands.  But, as soon as the ice is gone and you're chomping at the bit to get out, you're beset by chores.  That's what I find, anyways, and although the ice has been gone for a couple of weeks, yesterday was my first chance to get out after some carp.

I thought the best thing to try was shallow water that would warm up earlier than the harbour would, so I packed my stalking rod and traveled light down the fisherman's path.



The margins were a carp's dream with lots of roots and branches to take refuge in and to use to their advantage during a fight.



It was neat to see all the wildlife waking up, too.  Lots of finches and nuthatches flittering about the trees.  Ducks and geese all paired up.  And here's Momma, blending in with her surroundings, quietly sitting on her eggs.



Anyhoo, I kept the presentation small using only a couple of pieces of corn on the hair, along with a small PVA bag of particles hooked on to help the fish zero in on my offering. 

It was pretty quiet early on, so I chummed out a small handful of corn hoping that would create a wider zone of attraction and it wasn't before I noticed some bubbling around my bait.  This went on and off for quite a while but with no result, impatiently, I went to my rod to check my bait.  Just before touching the rod, off it went( Isn't that always the way? )!

Fortunately, other then running my line under a nasty old floating branch, most of the fight was in the open, and I brought this spring fatty into the net.  Just a gorgeously proportioned fish with a little yellow and red around the anal and caudal fin. 



Shortly after releasing her and re-baiting I heard a splash and saw the rings in the water on the opposite bank.  As well, there was bubbling everywhere and I thought; "Now they're having it!"  But things quieted down after a while and I had no other action. 

Once the sun disappeared behind the trees, the chill reminded me it was still April, and I packed up, pretty happy with my first outing of the season.


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Had my 1st outing May 27th. Blanked.....but it was a beautiful day to be out.

Allegheny River in NW Pennsylvania.  Not sure why it's sideways, but you get the idea.....


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