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Spring Big 4 And Finally!!!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone who entered this years Spring Big 4.

Here are the results and prizes.

All those named.....please ensure you message me or Phil Nathan your email and valid postal address or no prizes can be sent out!!

Please post on here photos of your biggest fish and its weight. Let everyone see your best.

Here’s the final leaderboard.

1. $300 Kody Clayton 153lb. Pa 
2. $150 Tom Schulten. 141lb 3oz. Maryland
3. $100 Sean Clayton. 140lb. PA
4. $ 75 David Dakin 139lb. Ct
5. $ 50 Barry Howard 133lb 4oz. NY
6. $ 30 Dean Brookes 132lb 9oz Mass
7. $ 30 Chris Mathews 132lb 6oz Illinois 
8. $ 30 David Pickering 126lb 12oz. Ct
9. $ 30 Todd Richer. 122lb 11oz. Ct
10 $ 30 Blayne Beeler. 116lb 15oz. DC

All $ values are gift certificates for BCT.

Photo Plaque for Regional Winners
Reg 1 Kody Clayton 153lb
Reg 2 Kirk Suedmeyer. 91lb 7oz
Reg 3 Peter Oberholzer. 105lb 12oz
Reg 4 Paul Woodmansey. 76lb 15oz

Biggest Common 
Kody Clayton 51lb 14oz
Biggest Mirror
Chris Mathews 39lb 12oz

Each will receive Linear Baits Pack ($100 value) 

Well Done. Once again we have been monitoring comments and will freshen up the Fall Big 4 accordingly.

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Congrats to you all!!!...... well done, and well done to the organizers-stellar performance!!!.......... Looking forward to fall!!.......(and daily fishing in between :) )........MO

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