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Well............I'm hearing crickets on the forum all!!.............just cause the Big Four is over, doesn't mean the carp get a respite eh?........Today I braved the 94 degree, 100 degree heat index to get some creek carp and, yep, they were there!!...... In 6 minutes, I caught 4 fish; one carp within 30 seconds, then another 3 minutes later, then two channel cats three minutes apart, and wound up with 7 fish altogether- 5 carp and 2 channel cats-lost two more hits in 40 minutes. All on either strawberry or lemon pack on 8lb test with super ultra light rods- the hits barely make the alarms trip and it was non-stop. All in a new spot-I never made it to one of my favorite holes!!..........glad I took some lemonade!!!...........Go to the creeks all- the action is non-stop!!!   Though small, they fought like 10-12lbrs on light drag!!!!......so much fun!!!.............MO

carp indian creek 2.5lbs.JPGcarp two indian creek 2lb.JPGcatfish one indian creek.JPGcatfish two.JPGcarp three indian creek.JPGcarp 4 indian creek.JPGcarp 5 indian creek.JPGcreek set up indian creek.JPG

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Dang, MO! Nice little spot. Love the pictures and catches.

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