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Letter Of Intent for NY State Chair Hudson River Region

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This letter is with intent to be NY state Chair For the Hudson River and Surround areas of Mid-Hudson Valley. 

My Intention with this position are to organize events, With CAG members and the General Public. 

At present i have already hosted CAG events at Norrie point and also working with NY DEC at Norrie point working together getting the public involved with how to fish the river and how the river works. I also work with I LOVE NY Fish in at Norrie i assist with there events.  I think NY state chair needs to be able to gather our NY fellow Carp anglers. I am sure I can get our memebers together like the CCC at Coxsackie and Dutchmans Landing. I also work with Hudson River Almanac, which i get free posting on any events i host. which covers from Troy all they way down to New York City. Ive been fishing for carp in USA for 17 years, before that Match fishing back in the UK since the age of 10.. I join CAG because I love the principles for which CAG stands for.


2017 class.jpg

This is a picture of Norrie Enviromental Center teaching Schools kids the river. I am explained the protective coating the carp hence the kids are touching the carp. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Samuel L. Williams 

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