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After all the blanks...

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A few days ago, I got up before sunrise to visit a small carp venue and see if I could avenge my 3 straight blanks.



Everything looked nice and carpy with some bubbling going on, so I got my bait together and fired it out hoping for the best. 


I opted to scale down my presentation for the smaller fish in this locale and packed a mesh PVA bag full of a commercial stick n bag mix, krill pellets and corn.



Sitting back and waiting( hoping )for a run, it was nice to observe the early morning wildlife activity, including this fly-over!  I heard that some Asian cultures believe that a heron is a signal of good luck so I considered it a good sign.



Staying light and mobile, I never had my carp pod and electronics with me so I had to concetrate on watching my line.  Finally, my rod tip started to bounce slightly and it wasn't long before I got the long awaited run.  After a few tense moments, this silvery little beauty graced my mat.  Although she couldn't have been more than 6lbs, it was my first fish in 3 outings so I was happy to have had her!



Shortly after re-baiting and re-casting, my rod tip began to dance again.  Then, I observed my line moving sloooowly to the left and stop.  While I wondered whether to set the hook or not, I saw, rising to the surface like a submarine, a huge snapping turtle in the same area that my line had moved to.  As the turtle moved on, I brought in my line to see that the hair was neatly stripped of its' two corn kernels. 


I was done in by the turtle.


After re-baiting and re-casting again, the rod began it's little dance once more, and again, my line began slowly moving.  This time, I set the hook emmidiately and I began a very slow and prolonged battle with, yup, the snapping turtle!


Fortunately, it released my bait and everything flew back at me, with the corn neatly stripped from the hair again like it had never been there. 


Time to move.



Even though the visability was only 8-inces at best, I could see some carp cruising about at this new location but nothing even came close to 'taking the bait.'  As the morning drew to a close, I had to be happy with my one fish( and snapping turtle )on this fine summer day.


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Awesome! At least you caught one. Enjoyed your description and pictures, thanks!

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