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Fall Big 4 2019 - The Prizes


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 - The Top Ten Big 4 Fish Captors -

will be awarded prizes based on the order of the Total Weight of Biggest 4 Fish submitted

by a registered angler & caught from anywhere in North America.

1st - $300 * 2nd - $150 * 3rd - $100 *  4th - $75 * 5th - $50

* 6th thro' 10th - $30 each

*Awarded as Gift Certificates to spend with Big Carp Tackle



Additional Prizes will be awarded for: Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror - 


- Regional Awards - 

A Photo Plaque awarded to honor the Biggest 4 Fish winners from each of the 5 Regions below

(Anglers will be required to indicate the state in which those fish were caught).

Regions I - IV shown below Plus Canada & Mexico Region V

USA Regions Map.jpeg



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Hm. It is a little unfortunate that there is no prize for juniors for this event. It would seem a much better match for juniors than the discovery event (most juniors have limited mobility, e.g. lacking a car!).

May I strongly suggest that the BoD considers switching things around next time (adding a junior category to the Big4, and possibly removing it from the Discovery event)?

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