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Lake Washington

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Just thought I'd post a few pictures of a few fish I've caught recently at Lake Washington. 

Prebaiting seems to be very important here. It's a fairly large lake. Mainly used boiled feed corn and millet about 5 gallons most days after work, and fishing on weekends. 

I'm also starting to consider moving away from the use of PVA except for maybe in the case of long range situations, and perhaps switching to pack, or method. It's a lot of down time filling bags. 

Unfortunately this is one of the few Lakes in the State where the use of two poles are not allowed, it's also one of the few lakes on West side of the state that chumming is allowed 🤪

Largest fish so far has been ~25lb 6oz (weighed without a tripod).  Look at the pectoral fins on this first guy. 





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Nice!! Well done.

Thats a big water, I've fished there a few times in the spring, close to the arboretum, they get in there to spawn around early June.

I've seen a few big commons in there 40lb + at that time of year.


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I've heard good things about the Arboretum but never fished it. 

You ever pull any Mirrors out of Lake Washington? The WDFW also lists Tench as being present, but I've yet to catch one. 



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