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GA Fall Fish-in (2019) -- October 5

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Because the ongoing drought and unseasonable heat here in Georgia, the water level in West Point Lake has dropped to a point where the original venue at Ringer Park will be too shallow to fish.

Two of our local members verified that just yesterday, so instead, they fished at "Crossroads", a location not far from Ringer Park, but which is in a deeper section of the lake.  Therefore, we will be moving the fish-in to Crossroads instead of holding it at Ringer Park.

I understand that Crossroads has the added benefit of available shade, which we might appreciate if the weather remains warmer than usual.  However, it does not have other amenities (no restrooms or picnic facilities).  Reportedly, there is a store nearby (3/4 mile) with a public bathroom, and we will bring our own grill to cook the hot dogs.  I also understand that there will be sufficient bank space for at least 10 anglers within 50 yards of the boat ramp in one direction and within 100 yards in the other direction. 

If anyone needs directions, please let me know, and I'll get them to you asap.

Barry Shildneck  (bshildn@yahoo.com)

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