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FFF 2020 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!


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FFF 2020 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!


This “FFF 2020 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!” thread is where you will officially post all of your photos/entries of FFF 2020 carp captures.

1. The photos posted on this thread and only this thread will determine all Hall of Fame recipients (those who catch a carp by 6:00 a.m. on January 1) and all the winners of the fishing award categories (First Carp of 2020, Monster (Heaviest Carp), Baby (Smallest Carp), Emperor Persistence (Most Carp), Big Sack (Total Weight), and Scubadoc (Heaviest Mirror or Leather)).


2.  Both the successful angler and the captured fish must be pictured in each photo/entry you submit. If you are fishing alone, you’ll need long arms for a “selfie” or a camera with a timer. Angler with his/her carp must be indentifiable in the photo.  In other words, we must be able to see your face and the fish in the photo.


3.  Please submit only one photo/entry per post. In other words, if you have 10 fish photos to submit, please submit them in 10 separate posts. This will keep your caption information concise and without confusion. You can make your posts at varied times if you wish, as long as they are all posted by the FFF 2020 deadline of 1:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, January 3, 2020.  Please be careful that you don't post duplicate entries of the same fish.


3. Please type within each photo’s post the following caption information: 
A. Your name (first and last). 
B. The weight of the captured carp in pounds and ounces. If it’s a mirror, let me know.
C. The time of the capture (when the carp was safely in the net). Please include the AM or PM designations when reporting time.
D.  The State in which the carp was caught.


4. To provide further verification of the First Fish and Hall of Fame awards and to provide verification that all entered carp were caught on 1/1/20, I encourage you to use the time-stamp/date-stamp option on your camera when a photo of you and your fish is taken. Make sure the camera's date and time settings are accurate before you begin fishing.


However, if you don't activate the time/date-stamp, or if your camera doesn’t allow that option, your entry will still be accepted. This is CAG. We have faith in the honor system, and we have faith in your honesty and integrity.


5. The best way to post a photo is to drag it to the the bottom of each posting window or to choose a file as indicated at the bottom of each posting window.

If you are having problems with the photo posting options, I will take your photo and caption information via e-mail and post the photo for you.  However, you should know how to post photos on the forum, so please don’t abuse this option. E-mail me at fjrink@comcast.net or pm me at FJR1.  I'll need your e-mailed entries at least two hours before the January 3 deadline to allow me to process and post the pictures by the posting deadline: 1:00 p.m. EST, Noon CST, 11:00 a.m. MST, 10:00 a.m. PST.


6.  Every and all fishing award entries must be posted on this thread by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) on Friday, January 3, 2020.  No exceptions!


I'm not going to nag you about posting carp entries and posting them on time. That's your call and your responsibility.  If you post an entry after the deadline, your entry will not count!

In addition, there are those who may decide not to post when they see that their entry will be beaten by another.  This FFF 2020 is transparent because all of us can see the entries on this thread in real time.  Just keep in mind that there are many separate recognitions (including state level awards)  in addition to certificates and Hall of Fame designations.  I am also sure that your fellow CAG members would love to see photos of your FFF 2020 results, no matter where you stand in the actual contest. 

I primarily volunteered to coordinate FFF so it wouldn't die and so anglers would have an opportunity to continue participation in this popular CAG event.  The participation statistics and numbers comparisons to past and future years are all secondary and of little importance to me.  If you post your FFF 2020 fish/photos, I thank you and appreciate your willingness to participate in the true spirit of the First Fishing Folly experience.  If you opt not to post, that's your call. I respect your posting decision either way.

Please see the carp submission sample on the next post. Don't forget to register for FFF 2020 by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 31, 2019Registering much earlier than that, like right now, is always appreciated. Thanks.—Frank Rink, FFF 2020 Coordinator

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Following in an example of what information to include when submitting an entry:
1.  Photo of you with fish (your face must be in the photo)
2.  Your name
3.  Your carp's weight in pounds and ounces
4.  The time of capture (when it is safely in the net)!
5.  The State in which the carp was caught

Example -- Posting an entry for CAG's First Fishing Folly (Make sure you use a separate post for each fish/entry you submit.):


Jim Rink
9 pounds, 10 ounces
2:44 AM

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Just now, Keith Letourneau said:

Sunrise  Wallingford Connecticut 
fished for 2.5hrs got skunked 

only could break away for that little time but at least I got out 


Keith--I don't mean to make this difficult, but there is a separate thread for FFF 2020 sunrise photos.  I'll post the photo for you if you are having problems. --Frank

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