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John Lilly

Help* Lakeside camp sites on a lake with carp

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The title says it all. I'm going camping with my wife again for 4th of July. Unlike me she requires a few amenities (shower+bathroom access). We are looking for a campground that has lake or river front sites (carp present) with said amenities. The campgrounds should be with in 4-5hrs drive from Dutchess County NY. That being said if you have anything matching this criteria in NY, CT, NJ, PA, MA, RI, NH, and VT please send it my way as I will entertain anything at this point. We would also entertain cabin or lake house rentals. Thanks in advance. Feel free to email me if your not comfortable posting on here NorthAmericanCarpAholic@gmail.com 

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Hi John,

  My sympathies.  I also have  wife who considers herself a "camper", but also needs the showers and flush toilets. And her pop-up.   When I go camping I throw my stuff in a canoe, or on my back, and go somewhere interesting.  With the beagle.

  Of course,  Method Man's suggestion of the St Lawrence is premo.  That's huge carp water.  But if you want someplace closer, you can consider Great Sacandaga Lake at the Northhampton Beach Campgrounds (NYS run campground).  There is a backwater in the campground, plus the main lake, which has a lot of carp.  And a lot of big cats.  They both are coming out of there twenty pounds plus.

  On the lake, there are hundreds of yards of state owned shoreline where you can set up on each side of the bridge into Northville.  The bridge is very close to the campground.  For me it is walking distance.

  If you are looking to camp there on the 4th, you might want to make reservations for a site now.



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