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Boosting Confidence with Boilies - Part I


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Boosting Confidence with Boilies - Part I

This 3 Part Series by Mario Kok give us an extraordinary insight to his making and using boilies to catch big carp in the wild waters of Mexico.

Mario is an exceptional 'thinking' angler and there is no doubt CAG members will find these articles incredibly helpful in their quest to catch big carp in North American waters.

We will also be adding a link / download for the Boilie Calculator spreadsheet created by Mario. This will allow you to input a list of your intended boilie ingredient quantities and get a preview of the overall Nutritional Values (protein, carb and fat percentages) together with key information on the Hardness of the boilie, Ease of Processing the ingredients and the overall level of 'attraction' or Instant Response

Please note that you must be a CAG member to download these files.



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4 hours ago, (MO) MOCarper said:

Excellent!!- I used to make my own boilies, and would like to get back to that, or using it more often- when are the other 2 parts available?..thanks again for all you've done for CAG Iain!!

Part 2 Coming soon... probably after the weekend

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I'll second that!  This is interesting.

I gave boilies a fair try years ago and in addition to finding them a nuisance to make or expensive to buy, I caught few fish on them.  So I've stuck with my dough baits and corn and done well.

Mario's article is rekindling my interest in boilies and I will give them another shot come spring.



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