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So, the Kansas City Chiefs won the superbowl!!......I guess I misread the newspaper reports cause I thought it said in celebration fans should go fishing. ....   ......    So I did 😆 The weather started very warm-low 60s but within 3 hours it had dropped nearly 20 degrees!. I modified my subtle bite technique by using 15g NGT leads with strawberry pack bait and double fake corn floating hair rig and placed rods on my pods but with no bite alarms- you have to constantly watch the rods but you catch more fish!......I caught these two commons, then hooked a very slow large fish and it was the most beautiful picture when it rose to the surface!!!... My first linear mirror from a creek!- then the fun began as the fish gained power and surged back and forth but eventually wore out and I landed this 13-7 29" beauty!!!.... follow that up with 3 more commons; two which had malformed mouths, one with an old wound to the side- I had had a great celebratory day!. I was surprised there were no other chiefs fans fishing-even though many had taken yesterday off!!????..... Go creekin!- the fish are always there!!.......... 😙       MO


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Nice fishing for February.  In fact, that was a good day for the summer!!

The mirror is impressive; it looks like it has a black  X marked on its side.  You have some real torpedoes down there.

I went fishing this morning myself, but walked down my creek on the ice to get out on the reservoir.  And didn't have the luck you did, although I was trying for perch.


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