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Actually, it was my first carp ever, but that counts, right? 

This is a pleasant little pond in an Arvada  Colorado City Park, and the weather was outstanding today. I waited til it warmed up in the afternoon. I discovered my pack bait had a bit of mold in it, and wondered if that would affect my results. Then I wondered if I had set the bit alarm correctly. Apparently I had. Just as I reached up to check it, it went off. I was surprised, thinking it couldn't be that sensitive. And it wasn't. there was a fish on. And  the carp didn't seem to mind the mold one bit.


Reeled him in to the bank and kicked myself for forgetting the net. Fortunately, as I slacked off on the rod tension, the carp managed to throw the hook. I kind of nudged him into deeper water and he swam away vigorously. Since I didn't get him completely onto the bank, I was forced to (over) estimate size and weight, but this was one gorgeous golden colored mirror carp. I think it was probably ten pounds and twenty inches, based on what I've seen in videos.

Cast both rods back out for a while, but I decided to pack it in, when a flock of Canada geese came in low for a landing, and one of them snagged my line. Nearly dragged the rod off into the lake, but I managed to grab it and reel in, minus my pack bait setup. I wonder if there's a goose somewhere with a lead weight hooked to its foot.

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