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Great creekin!, two ghosts, and didn't catch any Covid!

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Hi all!!

      Hope everyone is safe and healthy-goes for families too :)). I thought there would be more fisherman out, but its deserted around here. Any way, been fishin- and yesterday was great!. These two commons within the first hour, then lost 3 straight fish before these two beauties- a 6lb golden ghost and an 8.75lb "whiter" ghost. These fish "glow"/shimer" in the water. This spot has produced 5 additional ghosts, plus a couple mirrors and lots of 6-10lb commons. GO FISHING!- it will give you some solace-now more than ever!...  Try as I might, I couldn't cacth Covid though and hopefully none of you do!!!    Stay healthy!       MO



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Another fine day for you.  And you're fishing in shirtsleeves already.  Impressive on both counts.  It's another cloudy day here in the 40's and windy.  We re getting there though--all the snow is gone except where the plows piled it up, the grass is trying to turn green, and the wife's daffodils are up. (But no flowers yet.)

That one carp has interesting markings.  I've never seen one like that.  Sort of a mulatto (I think I can still say that.)

I've been out a few times and only a couple cats have been hungry.  Usually, in one more week they'll start hitting here in Covid-Central, USA.

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