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Still been carpin!

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Hey all!!

      I've been remiss in posting the last couple months, mostly due to the covid-thing, but also diversifying my fishing a little-boat/bank/day/night/fly/spinning/sets, etc. etc trout, bluegill, largemouth, spotted bass, red ear sunfish, green sunfish, white bass, drum, white and black crappie, golden shiners,  channels, flatheads.-just passed the 400 count across species, but here's a compilation of some of my recent carpies in the past month or so- 2-21lbs, pushing 14lb average and have found a spot with no less than 13lbrs, but, just not as often-1-2/night instead of 1-2/hour.....hope everyone doing well- more updates more frequently!.....MO




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  I have also been remiss by not posting to this thread sooner.  But being a life long, and practiced procrastinator I suppose posting just a week late is tolerable.

  I've been getting more than my fair share of fishing in this year, but haven't been setting the world on fire with a lot of fish or many big fish.  The first week in April started off with a bang with that one big one and several more in the high teens.  I must have patted myself on the back too hard because the blanks then started rolling in, session after session, and nothing was working.  I pig headedly stayed on the Mohawk knowing it would suddenly pick up and I would start hauling, as I've always done there in April and May in the past. That never happened.  I did a tremendous amount of experimenting with different baits and rigs, but to no avail.  Finally the water chestnuts came up and closed off much of the "good" shoreline, and I moved to the Hudson.  And started catching a few fish.

  So far I've caught 47 carp, with five twenties mixed in with mostly all doubles.  But with the hours I've put in, that's not as good as it sounds.  The canal corporation has had both rivers down to a trickle all spring, with the locks closed until the past week.  Perhaps that had something to do with the scarcity of fish.  Scarcity of carp I should say.  There has been no scarcity of catfish on the Hudson.  It seems those pests know when and where I'm coming and school in front of me by the dozen.  I've been fattening them up with chum and tubs of pack bait all season.

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