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Would be Record 40 lb. RI Carp Released

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Last week the unthinkable happened.  I landed what I believe is the first 40 lb. common carp to be caught in RI waters.  The massive fish weighed exactly 40 lbs., and was 40 inches long.  It was caught on a hair rig combo bait that was made up of a kernel of maize along with a white, artificial, plastic corn.  This combo bait has been a killer for me all spring.

Unlike in other nearby states, thirty pound carp are rare here in RI.  There are a few low thirties landed every year in RI, but 40 lbs. is a mark few sharpies would have ever thought possible.  My previous biggest carp in RI was 36 lbs., a fish thought to be the biggest ever taken up until now. The crazy thing about monster fish is that it was landed in exactly the same spot that I caught my 36 lber. eight years ago. It is not the same fish.

This forty pound carp would have easily shattered the official RI state record of 32 lbs.  But, to claim that record in this state, the fish must be taken to an official weigh station and weighed.  Knowing this fish would have died, I chose to release it in good shape quickly after a few photos.  Note that had it been caught in many other states, I could have easily claimed the record with the info I had.  The fish was weighed on a certified Reuben Heaton scale, I got a measurement, I had a witness and I had a photo.

A fish this size is a female capable of producing eggs that will produce offspring that could grow to enormous sizes. No way I would keep a fish like this just for the official record. And, besides, I just might meet up with her again some day!20200606_122354_Burst02.jpg

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Spectacular! Kudos to your sense of conservation by returning this beautiful girl. Classy!

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You absolutely did the right thing releasing that fish!

And as far as I'm concerned, and I'm sure everyone else on here, you are the owner of the RI state record.


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