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CAG Monthly Photographic Competition

‘The Essence of Carp Fishing in North America’

Essence of Carping Photo.jpg

CAG members are invited to submit photographs that capture what is unique and exciting about carp fishing in North America.

Each month the winner will receive a special prize plus recognition for two runners up.

The photos do not have to be of someone holding a fish (this is NOT a Trophy fish competition) but they should be recognizable as being related to carp or buffalo fishing in North America and should reflect the capture of a special moment.

The ‘essence’ of carp fishing in North America might memorialize a remarkable scale pattern, someone’s first carp, a group of friends fishing together, a spectacular sunset, time of year or perhaps a dramatic background or landscape.

The judges will be fellow members who should pay particular attention to the subject matter and composition and not just the photographic or editing skills. In the event of a tie or any disputes the CAG BOD will be the final arbitrator.

Each month we’ll announce a winner and Award a prize or voucher (worth $100)  with the winning photo appearing in a forthcoming NACA magazine as well as the CAG Forum Site and Facebook page. The top 3 will also receive CAG Medals.


The Rules:

The entrant must be a Full CAG Member & the owner of any copyright to the photograph.

An entrant may submit a maximum of TWO photos only in each month.

The photograph must have been taken in the submission month (final date for submissions is 24 hours after the end of each month)

All fish photos must demonstrate appropriate carp care and catch & release

Each submission must include the following details:

1.       The type of device (e.g. camera or phone) used.

2.       The date the photo was taken.

3.       Location (nearest Town and State).

4.       Your Name

5.       Photo Title (e.g. Mirror Magic, Waiting for the Bite etc)

Entries should be submitted to the “CAG Essence of Carping Competition” under the appropriate "Month" below.

Entrants agree that CAG may use or display a submitted photo on the CAG website and Social Media resources.

Edited by (CT) Savayman
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17 minutes ago, SoCalCarper said:

same month same year correct?

like 09/20







Yes photo must be taken in the month of the competition. So September 2020 to qualify for this current month.

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Prize Update!

Carp Maxx are supporting CAG with prizes for the August, September & October Winners!

Each winner will receive $100 in Carp Maxx baits shipped to their home.

A big thank-you to Tamas Vegvari of Carp Maxx for his continued and generous support.



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Quick question/suggestion... Why is rule #3 so specific about the location (nearest Town and State)? The nearest town can be VERY revealing of where someone was fishing... Which is rather unfortunate in my humble opinion... And I don't quite see why the exact location is relevant for the 'Essence of Carp Fishing' ?

Could we please relax this rule #3 to only document the state where the picture was taken? 

Another suggestion while I am at it... Maybe ask the poster to provide a title which goes with the picture? E.g. like a painting usually has a title... This could help to better characterize the message being conveyed and to provide a bit more 'color' to the submission.

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Rules were changed to request a photo title, thank you.

As to the location, Iain told me that some level of flexibility may be allowed if the town isn't provided or is somewhat 'approximate'.... Would be better to have this in writing in the rules, imho, but ok, I'll take it.

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