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Lake Seminole

Antonio Pariano

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On 7/10/2020 at 6:27 PM, Antonio Pariano said:

Hello, I’m thinking to explore the lake Seminole on the Georgia State side Anyone knows if there’s carps ?

There should be since the river that flows into the lake has them. I only fished from Sneads Park once and it was nothing but hydrilla and really not fun. I do know the Apalachicola river just below the dam is pretty good, even though you were mentioning just the lake itself. I used to park myself just below the second boat launch just below the dam, like within 50ft of it since it wasn't as snaggy as the area just below it. You can fish 30-40 ft at most from shore (really fast current after that distance), chum the heck out of it, and have some really sized nice fish.  

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I fishing the Apalachicola river almost exclusively from the reports I have heard from Seminole from the bowfishing guys I've talked to they rarely ever find them but when they do they are huge that being said the lake is a jungle of weed mats I have had my eye on the south end of the lake since its lower pressure the area I'm most interested in the area just north of the generation area and the substation at the dam since the normal prevailing and is at your back when fishing from the Florida side

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