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Discovery Month 2020 - Rules

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Discovery Month 2020 - Rules

1. The CAG Discovery Month is a month long event which takes place from October 1st to November 15th 2020. Participants can fish as much or as little as they want over the course of the month. Anglers can fish more than one swim or water.

2. Locate one or several swims that to the best of your knowledge a CAG member has not caught a carp from within the last three years. Anglers are encouraged to fish as far away as possible from ‘known’ swims. Participants should at least not be able to see a known swim from the spot they are fishing from.

3. Document your adventure with photographs and a good story. Remember even a blank can make a great story!

4. You can fish the way you want, using as many rods as locally allowed, using whatever fancy gear, pre-bait, boats, baitboats, whatever you like, but all carp must be caught with a single hook and demonstrate proper care & handling (catch & release).

5. Although this event is centered on Cyprinus carpio, feel free to document incidental captures. Your captures of Buffalo, Grass carp & Koi are all welcome.

6. Carp anglers from any country, any age, and any gender are most welcome. The more participation, the better! Non-CAG members (guests) are welcome to fish with CAG members during the weekend however they will not be eligible for prizes (so now is a good time to www.joincag.com) .

7. This event is run on the honor system. Anglers do not have to disclose venues if they do not feel comfortable doing so. Please no cheating, as you'll only be cheating yourself.

8. The winners will be decided by a poll of CAG Member Votes. In the event of any discrepancy the CAG BOD will be considered judges of fact and will have the final say.

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