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Champion of the Queen Award 2020- Iain Sorrell

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While the President of CAG usually announces the Champion of the Queen Award winner, we will break with tradition this year.  Behind the scenes, the BOD has unanimously voted our President, Iain Sorrell, as the 2020 Champion of the Queen award winner. Since the CAG inception, the Carp Anglers Group “Champion of the Queen” award (sometimes referred as “Protector of the Queen” award) has been used to acknowledge exceptional achievements in promoting CAG and carp angling in North America.

Iain has been a tireless volunteer in the CAG organization for almost two decades.  He joined CAG in 1995 and has been a supporter ever since.  Over the years he has held positions of State Chairman for CT, Vice President for several years, Treasurer and President since December 2017.  In addition, he has been Interim Events Director, running many events in the absence of a Director in recent years.

Iain has been a national figure in carp conservation.  He was instrumental in getting landmark regulations passed for the protection of trophy carp in the CT River. He worked with the CT DEEP to pass legislation to designate the CT River and other waters in CT as “Trophy Carp Waters” in which every carp landed over 24 inches had to be released. It was a model for other states to follow.

He also organized and ran a very popular event called the NECC (New England Carp Conference). This event, a pure “carp fishing show”, brought together carp fishermen and vendors from all over the US.  It was held in Middletown, CT.

During his years as President, Iain brought fiscal integrity to CAG through his business expertise.  He also used his business management skills to fill many state chair positions as well as BOD positions. During his tenure as President membership saw a steady growth.

The BOD and CAG offer a big thank you for all that Iain has done for this organization as well as carp fishing in the US. Please join me in congratulating our President Iain Sorrell as the 2020 Champion of the Queen award winner.


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