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Hi, Mike from Waltham has returned to Carp Fishing!

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Hi, I fished like a fiend back in the UK as a young man (roach, tench, carp) (born and bred in Yorkshire), but have been out of the game for the last 30 years.  I now live in Waltham and have got back into carp fishing a few weeks ago.  I am having a blast!  Mainly River Charles and nearby ponds.  I've had a great start, with lots of teens, several 20+ lb fish and the biggest being 38 lb.  Much bigger than I ever caught in the UK!  I am (early) retired and so I get to go fishing a lot :)  I'm always up for going fishing and learning new spots/techniques with other carp fanatics if anyone fancies it!

20201004_13451322 x.jpg

20201014_121858 38 lbs22.jpg

20201004_125257 22.jpg

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to CAG.

Being 'educated' on those hard to catch British carp has served you well.  You've done very well here in just the past two weeks.  (Much better than some of us "locally experienced" fishermen.

Congratulations on the 38.  Impressive.

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Hey Mike, I live in Arlington MA, just a few miles from you. I am traveling right now, but would be happy to meet and fish together in November... And VERY well done with your results, call me impressed.

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Hey Mike. There will be a carp fishing social at horn pond in Woburn on Saturday November 7th, organized by another Mike! Let me know if you're interested.

Also, I am back home, so if you want to go wet a line, my time is quite flexible...

You can contact me at <jmoisand@gmail.com>.

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