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November 2020 - Post Your Photos Here!

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Here's an example of how to post your photo and details!


Iain Photo.jpg

1. Iphone 5  (Camera or Device)

2. November 2 2020 (Date  - must be taken in current month!)

3. Waddington, NY (Approx Location - e.g. Town and State)

4. Iain Sorrell (Your Name)

5. Waiting for the Bite (Add your own Photo Title or Description)


The photos do not have to be of someone holding a fish (this is NOT a Trophy fish competition) but they should be recognizable as being related to carp or buffalo fishing in North America and should reflect the capture of a special moment.

The ‘essence’ of carp fishing in North America might memorialize a remarkable scale pattern, someone’s first carp, a group of friends fishing together, a spectacular sunset, time of year or perhaps a dramatic background or landscape.

Now it's your turn  - Add you photo taken in the month of November 2020

and details as shown to a reply in this thread!

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Nice photo Edgar Torres but please note that the photo competition is open to CAG members. If you want your photo to be entered please become a member: www.join cag.com

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