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Came Out of Carping Retirement.


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And I became a member again so hurray for me. Way different than 05'-10' like I remember. 

Since living in Florida from 2005-2016 I really didn't carp fish a lot. Then, when I moved back to Pennsylvania I started golfing... ALOT. Covid put a damper on too much golf so I brought the carp gear out of mothballs.  

Since late August to last week I landed 17 commons. I also blanked a few times and had days where I caught nothing but catfish. Smallest two were 16lb, most were in the 20's. Two were 32.5lb and 33lb, which were my personal bests, caught 3 hours part. Decided at that time I was going to break 40lbs by Christmas. Put golf on hold even more, and last Friday landed this monster at 44lbs. 

i still fish the same area, but have moved spots depending on the water levels and not wanting to fish near too many other people, covid reasons mainly. I fish about 400 yards below where I started and there is a nice eddy there and is a bit deeper.  Been landing some nice mid upper 20's fishing along the edge of the channel/eddy. This one fell in the location as well on a single tutti fruiti WCB boilie and a PVA Mesh stick of Pakka Pellets and some boilies quartered. 

Still have my Resistance Tackle 3.5lb TC rods and they handled that fish no problem. 

Going to upgrade some of my stuff this winter, sell some things, maybe buy someone else's junk on here. I do more walking to my spots so I have to travel a bit lighter/more compact then I used to. Nice to be back.


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