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So, a couple weeks ago I was reeling in my rods after a couple hour session. My go to big rods and reels are 3 9ft stalker rods outfitted with Daiwa Emcast 3500 BR reels with 12 or 15lb mono line. Well, the third rod handle was slipping while reeling and when I looked, the reel handle cap was cracked and subsequently fell off the screw holding the handle on......arrrghhhhhh- these are my first carp rods and reels and the carp and I beat the daylights out of them!.........The reels are not available anywhere, ANYWHERE!- BCT, Mikes reel repair, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, the guy down the street, the other guy across the street :). I went through volumes of charts and order forms on Mikes reel repair and found the exact piece I needed, BUT it is out of stock and not made anymore it appears......double arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!. I relented and bought an NGT Carp runner reel and though heavier, seems to be a seamless match, but not exact.........I could see the sorrow in the reel I left behind while its two compadres and the new comer went fishing...... 


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Fast forward 3 weeks- To meet the deadline for Discovery month, I waited for a nice calm sunny day to get pictures of the MOCarper- my boat I turned into a carping boat. I motored out of the slip to the boat ramp. Tying off the boat, I loosened the stern and pushed the boat away from the dock to get a nice picture. Looking down to remove the tether, I noted a small bolt that must have fallen off a fishermans reel. Picking it up, it looked eerily like the screw cap and post that broke on my reel. REALLY? could this really fit a Daiwa BR reel? There's simply no way it dropped from a Daiwa reel -never saw one carp fisherman and no two reels are alike- right? the cap was a bright blue color and seemed similar to the broken reel. Well, got my pics of the boat and drove the 6 minutes home. Maybe it was just the declination of the sun, but when I opened the garage, I could swear the reel I left behind glistened!!!. No, really!!! :) I had taped all the broken parts to the base, hoping beyond hope that one would turn up some day. Slowly, and nervously, I removed the broken post from the reel and.................placed the new one I had just found - PERFECT FIT!!!! I tested and tested the reel and it was like brand new!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!- my set was complete!!!!!!..........In my excitement though, I didn't notice that the rod tip was broken!!- no really, truly, really!!!........If I swore, I would link every word in the book, all dialects, all exclamations, symbols into one blanking sentence!!!!!!!.... :) 

.........................now I can only hope BCT, amazon, Etsy, Ebay, the guy down the street, the other guy across the street have a spare 9ft stalker rod :)  :)    

What are the odds?..................no really, can someone calculate the odds????????..........    good fishin all!!!..........(and check your reels :))..........



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Don't worry about the odds.  Just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing--the Fishing Gods are definitely with you.

Are CAG members going to be seeing a really good deal on a new NGT Carp Runner?

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Talk about luck... I am never that lucky but good stuff getting the reel back to working condition and now they can resume catching fish with its compadres! Good looking boat as well! 

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