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Creek walkin looking for FFF spots today and found another new hole- this one is a straight line hole below a large pool where I've caught carp before but never fished this stretch. Like the majority of the creeks here, there are vertical clay cliffs which terminate in a clay shelf about a foot under water, extending varied widths into the water. These harbor large numbers of carp along the base. If you can cast right along the shelf, youre in business!! Today I used 30g method leads, one with strawberry panko, one with orange panko, and one rod with a simple korda krank hook baited with sweet corn on a slip sinker set-up. Within minutes, a strong hit and run on the orange- the fish glistened in the clear water and ran up and down the creek before tiring and in the net. Just after releasing this fish and baiting up again, another hit, this time on the strawberry. This fish just a bit smaller but equally as fun!!. A short time later, a third fish hit the strawberry and off we went again. No hits on straight corn, but probably cause I had fancy corn (Gelata corn :) -just kidden- I just dumped best choice corn in an empty Gelata container :) Guess carp don't like it!  Just a nice, simple, peaceful day. Seems ya just need that sometimes......well all the time now it seems. I had this remnant of a trilobite to keep me company though :) .........Ameura missouriensis I believe. Its directly related to our horseshoe crabs of today!   Can you imagine the size of the carp 300million years ago?........don't think there was panko back then though :) :) :)  Get out and go carping!!    MO

IMG_8894.jpgIMG_8899.jpgIMG_8908.JPGIMG_8917.JPGIMG_8938.JPGIMG_8884.jpgtrilobite ameura missouriensis.jpgIMG_8925.JPG

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