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New wild water fishermen in western NC!

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Hello, I am new to this page and very new to wild water carp fishing. I’ve done very little, but have done a great deal of pay lake fishing. Wich is very fun but very expensive.  I live in western nc, Cleveland county to be exact. I do not mind traveling a bit to find new spots. I’m having a hard time of finding wild water to fish in near me? Anybody no of any creeks, rivers, lakes etc?  Thank you for your help. Like I said very new too this and look forward to this new family of carp fisherman. 

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Looking at the NC map, Moss Lake is just east of Shelby. You also have the Catawba River and Lake Wylie east of Gastonia. Lake Norman is north of Charlotte. Just about any river, lake or stream should have carp. They are one of the most widespread species in the US. Good luck. Something like a DeLorme atlas of NC will have much more detail for fishable waters. The only drawback would be access to the water. We have miles of bank area in the Tennessee Valley but access leaves a lot to be desired. Good luck and tight lines!

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