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..........and the creekin continues!

(MO) MOCarper

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In addition to my knees and back creakin, been creekin it in prep for the FFF!.... yesterday went to one of my original creek holes- a bend in the creek that collects all the carp for several hundred yards. First time fishing it this year.... And- its the same hole :) there are  number of carp on the small side- 4-5 lbs like these two, and caught no grassies, though I've only caught a couple here. The largest common was a 13lbr around midnight one night. But, its secluded, close to the house and wildlife abounds- raccoon tracks from a night of fishing themselves, a 4 point buck just above me on a small ridge and numerous birds, robins, nutcrackers, titmouse, downy woodpeckers, flickers, geese, mallards, etc......just a nice peaceful mornin!!!.go carpin!!!! MO


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