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Yankee Challenge trying to find as much information as possible to bring it back

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Its not even been a week as Regional Director, and be asked about the Yankee Challenge... 

So having no Info on this..   Im asking anyone and everyone what can I do to bring this back.  is this one day event is this state vs state etc. .

you can reply here or cagnyhudsonvalley@gmail.com

Look forward any and all input.. 

Thank you

Sam Williams

Regional Director 1 North

NY State Chair

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This came up with "Search".

Rules for 2016 Yankee Challenge



To be held in RI, May 7, 2016



1. There will be an equal number of people competing from each team. If for some reason a competitor does not show, a handicarp will be figured based on the team point average for the event. That way teams of "one" are still able to compete. It looks like this year’s teams will be RI vs MA/CT/NH but that might have to be adjusted.



2) Pegs will be chosen by the host state chair(s)



3) Two anglers will fish in each peg, one from the host state and one from the "visiting" state.



4) Pegs and angler teams will be selected at random , and anglers will not be allowed to switch pegs unless it is determined that a peg is unfishable, in which case the state chairs will come up with a contingency peg.



5) Peg draw will begin at 8:15 am. Please allow enough time to arrive a few minutes before the peg draw so that we can start on time.



6) The challenge itself will start at 8:30am and conclude at 4pm. Once concluded we will tally the results and award prizes and trophies. After the awards we will gather for a group picture.



7) No license is needed for this event since this is a “free” fishing day in RI



😎 No prebaiting by participants or pre-fishing at least 3 days prior to the event. The state chairs will prebait all pegs prior to the event.



9) All foul hooked fish will not count towards the teams total, fish must be hooked within 1 inch of the mouth.



10) In the case of a tie in points between the two teams, the tiebreaker will be the team that caught the least fish overall.



11) Fish will be netted by the opposing team member in each peg (unless the anglers wishes to do so himself)



12) All fish weights must be validated by the opposing team member.



13) Maximum 2 rods per angler, no treble hooks allowed.



14) It is the responsibility of each team to record their results and turn in their scorecards to the state chairs IMMEDIATELY at the end of the event. 



15) Points are as follows



1 point for each carp under 10lbs in weight.



2 points for carp 10lbs or over, but less than 20



3 points for carp 20lbs or over, but less than 30



4 points for carp 30lbs or over



1 point additional score for all weight classes if a mirror carp is caught



2 point additional score for all weight classes if a koi is caught.



Grass carp do not count.



16) Winning team will be the state with the most TOTAL points at the end of the event.



17) ALL anglers must follow safe carp fishing procedures with a landing mat, carp safe net and other normal essentials. Please speak to the state chairs at the beginning of the event in the case that you do not have a mat or net (we will make sure there is at least one set for each peg)



Please take lots of pictures throughout the day so that we can put together a post and video for the event.



Prizes will be announced before the event.



Any questions, please pm or post.








Rules for 2016 Yankee Challenge

To be held in RI, May 7, 2016


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I helped run the Yankee Challenge for a few years. I believe Steve Clow has the trophy and also the pegs. I'll reach out to him. It was a lot of fun. it was originally CT vs MA but we widened it to include NY, RI etc.


Yankee Challenge 2006.jpg2015 Yankee Challenge004.jpgYankee082114002.jpg

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I'd be happy to help with this event if you get it running Sam. I'm in Mass. and help with potential venues in Mass, CT and RI.

I'm sure there'd be a good number of anglers interested. Maybe looking at an event later in the summer or fall would be a good idea, so we're through the COVID regulations.

Let me know if you get more interest and/or need help.


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I also do not have the trophy. 

Problem right now is with travel restrictions between NE states. Once Covid passes, this could be a possibility.

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Executive Order Regarding Travel: Pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order No. 9S, anyone traveling into Connecticut from a state or territory, other than New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, or from a country other than the United States, is directed to self-quarantine for a 10-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state or country.


Unless you are coming outside of NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY AND RHODE ISLAND.    you are ok to travel and you be always 6 feet apart at the pegs and masks must be worn at all times.  

If RI would like to join please do at the moment I have   

3 people from NY

3 from CT

1 from PA

and possible 3 from NJ   

at the moment, I have NY Free fishing Day 26th June and 25th September ( location to fish for NY is a choice of Norrie Point?, Dutchmans Landing or Coxsackie boat Launch.  (all three are the Hudson River) 

Lee Hurn going to find out about CT free days and will be held at Batterson park CT. 

Any more information need will greatly help or you require any thing please let me know.. 


Thank you everyone..



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