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Just a Nice Night of Carpin

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Nice to be out of the pandemic!. Spent 3 hours last night fishin- the spot is only across the street from my house and caught these 5 and lost another to hook pull. Topped at 23-2. Interestingly a male was bumping into her right up to shore- followed her from 45yards out (I'm guessing) and every one of the fish had breeding trauma- 3/5 were males as they "littered" the ground, and the mirror I couldn't determine.:) 

Hope everyone is getting back to some semblance of normal!!.. Good fishin all!!   MO

15lb 5242021.JPG17 0oz mirror 5242021.JPG17 2oz 5242021.JPGCAG Big Four 23lb 2oz 5242021.JPGCAG Big Four 18lb 11 oz 5242021.JPG

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That was 3 hours well spent!

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