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Caught My First Koi!

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I was fishing at Lewisville Lake in TX this weekend and caught this BEAUTIFUL 10lb koi!  This is, by far, the most wonderful fish I’ve ever caught.

When I removed my hook, I saw it had another hook in the other side of its mouth.  So I removed it at well prior to releasing this wonderful fish back into the lake.  I examined the other hook I’d removed and noted it was a nice, new hook designed for carp, so I stuck it in my tackle box.

About an hour later, a man and his 10 year old son who are “regulars” fishing the same venue came up to me, and the father asked,” I heard you caught an orange carp?”  I said I had, and he asked, “Did it have a hook in its mouth?” I replied that it did.  Then he stated, “My soon hooked an orange carp here last night, but right when he got it up to the surface it broke the line.”  I opened my tackle box, handed his son the hook I’d removed, and said, “Here’s your hook back!”

Best fish AND backstory combo ever!


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What are the chances of that happening?!!  It can be a small world sometimes.  Nice story and congratulations on your koi.  (And thanks to you the kid doesn't have to hit his father up for another carp hook).

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