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David Moore

2004 ACS Team Nationals

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Updates will be posted on www.americancarpsociety.com or you can contact me with questions at david@americancarpsociety.com

Peg Drawing: 6am October 27th

Entry fee is $500 per team


No pre-fishing after Oct. 20th for any competitors anywhere on the venue.

No Boats allowed other then for transport to and from competitors swims

Teams are allowed to use plumbing explore and map swims.

Pre-baiting will be allowed to start at 10 am

The competition will begin at 12 pm, ending at 12 pm on the 30th. (72 hour event)

Each team is allowed to have 1 pre-designated “Runner” The runner is not allowed to assist with playing the fish but is allowed to assist in the netting.

Anglers must be set up and fish from designated peg area.

Carp care is of utmost importance.

3 rods per angler (6 per team) may be used. This does not include a spod or marker float rod. Any team found to be exceeding this number will be disqualified.

Tackle required and or allowed:

Only 1 hook per rod (no treble hooks)

2 well padded unhooking mats are recommended 1 is required.

Soft mesh carp friendly nets are to be used.

Carp sacks will be used to contain fish while waiting on the stewards. Fish appearing to have been handled poorly will not count.

A fish must weigh over 10 lbs at the time the stewards weigh it to count on the total score.

If a fish is hooked prior to the end of the event a 15 minute extension is allowed to land the fish.

Any type bait may be used. Maize, worms, corn, boilies, pop-ups, etc.

Anglers not observing the stated rules or using good carp care may be penalized by the Stewards/Judges Panel.

Oklahoma license are required.

Team participants fishing the competition may NOT pre-fish the week prior.

Deposits of $250 are now being accepted. The remainder $250 must be fully paid by October 1st. . After that any waiting list teams will be accepted as they were received. This event will be limited to 25 teams. Paypal deposits can be made to sales@americancarpsociety.com. Participants can email me for an address to mail checks or money orders.


First Place will receive a guaranteed value first place prize consisting of $2,500 cash and a free entry into the World Carp Championship(valued at $2,500) being held in NY on June 5th to the 10th, 2005.

Based on a 20 team field the payouts will be the following:

2nd place $1,500 cash and $1,250 team entry into the WCC.

3rd $1,000 cash $500 team credit towards the WCC

Big fish $500

Info on the venue:

Hominy has been prolific big fish water for several years now. Countless low thirties and even more 20’s have been captured. Hominy is one of the most challenging venues you will ever encounter. We will be boating teams to pegs that have never been fished before. This is a perfect venue for this type of event. The surroundings are just breathtaking this time of year with the trees turning and the crisp cool fall weather.

Tulsa airport is only about a 45 minute drive away. We will be coordinating flight time in and out so you will not need to incur a car rental expense unless you choose to do so. There are hotels in Hominy and in Cleveland OK.

The Saturday night after the event will be an awards ceremony and dinner which are included in your fee.

To purchase a Oklahoma fishing license online. http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/onlinesa...esalesintro.asp

Nonresident Fishing, 5 Day A five day fishing license for nonresidents who take, attempt to take or possess fish or other aquatic dwelling organisms by any method in Oklahoma. Exemptions include nonresidents under 14, and nonresidents under 16 if they are residents of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. License is valid for 5 consecutive days. (License may be post dated; start date is the date the license becomes effective and license expires on midnight on the 5th day.) $18.50

The Tuesday night prior to the event we will hold a corn boil for all the teams.

There is a Wal-mart in both Skiatook and Cleveland OK to get supplies. Hominy has a grocery store and several different food choices, Sonic, Subway, Simon’s Pizza just to mention a few. We will do our best to get one to two meals a day for everyone if that is what Anglers request.

The Saturday night following the event ACS will have a meal catered in or we will just reserve a room at one of the local places. Depends on weather and numbers in attendance, etc.. This meal will be included in your entry fee.

Also included in the entry fee is a t-shirt for each team member. Extra t-shirts may be purchased for $15 each.

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Anyone actually going to enter this event ?

Dave do you have any other confirmed entries as yet (other than Alex and I)

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I would like to fish it but cant do what would effectively be a tuesday thru sunday away from my business at that time of the year . :D

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Guest Tommy Robinson

Out of vacation and personal time -- otherwise would have thought about it a little harder. Good Luck to those that participate.

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