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  1. Tracy - taking Sat off so I'm joining you all too, I think I can also drag a buddy out there so count two more. I'll just have to clear the guides of cobwebs
  2. Hey Tracy, Sorry for leaving your post hanging a bit, you might want to post this in the Midwest region too. Interesting format if not a bit "matchy" - a couple of those venues I could see getting absolutely smoked by finesseful matchanglers - would be a good opportunity to learn lighter tackle methods like float fishing. A couple questions - Not all anglers will be comfortable netting their own fish, especially at places like Heidecke with the riprap and Joliet with the vertical drop. Also the bit about keepnets, outside of matchanglers I'm guessing most of us don't own one and sacks probably wouldn't be sufficient. Maybe some compromise there. Nice job on putting together a schedule with a variety of venues - I'd like to hear what other think too
  3. I've already sent this to someone for the Giant Carp, the other two I don't know. Sounds like a cool show if it gets made.
  4. What a cutie - welcome to the world Maya, and congratulations Magda and Ernest! Paul - perhaps time for a little daycare center in your office
  5. Rick - out of all of these nice pics I still picked a favorite: This one spoke to me - you have a deft eye for editing too Have to ask about this one: Is this a carpy closeup? THese are beautiful man, thanks for sharing
  6. I was amused and surprised to see this cover a few weeks back on the Chicago Reader: The idea was a school of fish in class - I asked the artist Paul John Higgins how he came to choose the carp and he said "Funny: I chose the carp because I had read somewhere that it is the smartest fresh-water fish.." Pretty cool!
  7. Hmm, maybe for now you can send the pics as an attachment with a direct email - (cagstaff AT carpanglersgroup DOT com) just so we can be sure to get them - thanks
  8. I don't know Ermghoti, seems to be working to me, received others successfully but do see one partial entry from you. There is a submission size limit (1 Mb?) - did you try sending multi-pics or a full-sized hi-res pic? Let me know and please try again, thanks
  9. Though I scored a goose egg I had fun chatting with Mirek, Paul W, Paul P, Jesus, and Dale from Indy. You can tell that Paul W is a match angler as it was a pleasure watching him tend the small swims that he developed. Dale and I commented on Paul's consistently accurate casts very close to the yachts, and how we'd have chickened out and started feathering the casts way earlier. I just took two pics, here's the better of the two - Paul P with a 14.5 and his young fan club..
  10. This link was passed on by Francois Helias, fishing guide located in Thailand http://www.bloodydecks.com/forums/baja-mex...07-oarfish.html Interesting series of pictures - the fish looks like it came straight from an artists canvas -be forewarned, after a couple of clicks that forum then forces you to register before viewing any more posts.
  11. The results: Kudos to the overall North America BFA winner - Brian McGill who just edged out a couple of other 44 lb+ fish And to the first winner of the new fly fishing category, John "Montana" Bartlett with a nice 22.5 - we'll need to promote this new category more.. Also special congratulations to the juniors, lead by Rachel's 32.5 Congratulations to everybody and thanks for participating Awards will be ordered, made and shipped out as soon as we get them
  12. To recognize the unique methodology we just decided to add a Fly Fishing category for this past season including regional awards and award for the largest North American (CAN-USA-MEX) carp-on-the-fly. This is for any fish caught between 9/1/06 and 8/31/07. But to be considered you have to enter first Rules and submission form here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/awardsubmission.html
  13. Update on the award itself, we've decided to add fly fishing as a separate category, which will also have regional and a single North American winner as well (will post in fly fishing section) As far as entries, the latest is Radu's biggie from the ATC.. Of course fly fishing is wide open in all regions.. Rules and submission form here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/awardsubmission.html
  14. Here's the latest as of 8/23: We have another week to catch up to any of these beauties (8/31) - deadline for submission is 9/8. Still no entries for Pacific Northwest, North Central, or any juniors from our northern and southern neighbors Submission info here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/awardsubmission.html
  15. Nertz, I was missing fish that were submitted during the '06 portion of this season - this should be up to date now: The biggest additions include some juniors - very nice! The submission form has an entry area for location - the state is required but amount of detail is left up to the discretion of the submitter. As for that biggie leading the Mid Atlantic section you can ask Big Carphuna
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