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  3. Does the Carp anglers still exist or is it shut down?

    1. Ken


      Meaning CAG?

      Judging from the posts that keep appearing here, I'd have to say there is still life on the forum.

  4. I will make this official. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Ryan Munn has been voted NJ State Chairman. Congrats to Ryan and thank you for volunteering.
  5. Ryan said: "Thanks everyone! Can't wait to get started! Wasn't sure if I should have voted on this one, I'm kind of biased! 😅" Of course you should have voted. Biden voted for himself and there certainly wasn't any bias there. Anyway, Congratulations again Ryan. Now we all have to pick up where we left off a year ago and get ourselves rolling again. Make this a memorable season.
  6. The Original CAG Patches are back in stock! https://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/product/312-original-logo-patch/
  7. A 3 inch round original iron on patch

  8. The Yankee Challenge is returning this Year.. We starting it in Connecticut .. The date is May 8th Saturday.. The venue is TBA Awaiting on CT State Lee Hurn to make his choice. There is no entry fee. But must be paid CAG members. Please arrive at 7am for peg draw.. Fishing starts at 8am and ends at 430pm You can use 3 rods if you wish. For more information you can ask here on the forum or got the Facebook page Yankee Challenge https://www.facebook.com/SAMRegionalDirectorCAG you can ask question there. any updates will post here and on the Yankee Challe
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  10. oops...found the answer to my question....March 14.
  11. Is there a deadline to register for this event?
  12. Nice looking carp streamtripper. I’m always down for an adventure. Maybe we’ll meet up this season.
  13. High anxiety levels keep you awake and on your feet lol. Looking forward to this season
  14. WOW- that's some gooduns!!!- I need to vacation this year- maybe I'll hit ya up!! ...As opposed to others, I almost always fish 3 rods- Missouri allows any number of rods. I have had two triples in my short career and landed all 6- never forgot it!!!! -ya gotta try it!!!..... MO
  15. Awesome captures! And congratulations on the new 3-rod regulations, that's a huge plus!
  16. I agree with you Iain. I personally find fishing with three rods too much to deal with. When the bite is on, two rods is plenty. This is especially true when fishing with a friend or partner. 6 lines in the water in a fairly small area is just a recipe for trouble in my opinion. Compounding the problem is river fishing..... Still waters are a little more forgiving. (in my opinion). Also, I personally have never really noticed my catch rate to significantly increase when I did try to fish 3 rods. The only thing that increased was my anxiety level.... lol. Either way.... Good Lu
  17. Thanks Ken. This one was the largest of the day weighing in right at 25lbs. It was a really fun day, very cold but fun. You may be able to the ice in my beard.
  18. When CT was only 2 rods I would often have an extra rod set up ready and baited. There were many times when a group of big fish would move in and both rods would go off in quick succession. Getting a bait back in the water ASAP before they moved on was critical. Even though CT went to 3 rods I still often fished just 2 with the 3rd in reserve because it could be tough dealing with an extra line in the water! Good luck for the coming season.
  19. Thanks for the tip.........we bring in all lines when have a take , eyes getting a little too wearing for tangles.... double or triples are a different story 🤣
  20. I'm excited for you all being able to use three rods. Just remember, it's OK to fish less than the three rods when the bite is really hot! You and your team having simultaneous triples can get complex. May you and your buddies have a hot enough bite to experience this problem.
  21. Haven’t been on here for a while, but I have been fishing. 2020 was a tough year, even though it was OK to get out, it seemed hard to make plans amongst all the stuff going on. Combine that with high water conditions, it seemed that nothing was going our way. I did manage a 4 day session at our favourite spot. We did well, landing 42 rather large specimens that topped out just north of 35 lbs. We are booked again this year for the prespawn and with the 3 rod amendment to the regulations I think we have a crack at 100 fish over 4 days. Here are a couple samples of the cal
  22. Actually went last week. Getting glasses tomorrow. I even tried a magnifying glass! However, gnats are small and a good source for fish.
  23. Just what we need, another invasive. Wonder how it got there? Jeremy Wade had one hit him in the chest. He developed a heart condition as a result.
  24. 1. Iphone XR 2. FEB 11. 2021 3. Toledo, OH 4. Dan Ketterman
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