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  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grass_carp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_carp The links will give some details on the taxonomy and relationship of the two. Asian Carp is a catch-all name for black carp, silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp.
  4. Here's a good video where a gourmet chef promotes calling them silverfin, thus removing the carp stigma. He says they taste better than tilipia, and if they are invasive, isn't that all the more reason to remove them the habitat?
  5. This seems to indicate that Silver Carp and Grass Carp are subspecies of Asian Carp.
  6. So...........the last nice day for awhile here- temps in the 50s, so, just had to go creekin it!! Another new hole and very sunny out!. Well within 6 minutes I was surprised by this little channel cat-usually they are buried in the mud, but not this little guy, then followed that by 8 straight carp, including this nice 12lbr. Of the 8 caught, I landed 5- two hook pulls and one broke off in a snag. All in 2 hours! Gonna be a FFF spot if it doesn't freeze or flood!!!.....go fishin!- We only have a couple more weeks before things start freezin up!! MO
  7. 1. Pentax K-5 2. November 21, 2020 3. Tillsonburg, Ontario 4. Harry Kouwen 5. Carp heaven, no patience required.
  8. 1. iPhone Xr 2. November 21, 2020 3. Toledo, OH 4. Dan Ketterman 5. A New PB!
  9. Hmmm. Saw a video where the guy Asian carp jump. Only the silver carp jump at boat noise. Turned off the video. Black carp, silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp are the four designated as Asian carp. Wrote a news item for a TV station on this and other invasives.
  10. Ummm, grass carp, common carp (mirror, leather, etc.), black carp and all the Asian carp are considered invasive- not native to the U.S. Invasive species that cause natural or economic harm but I think it depends on the definition of ""harm". One persons "harm" may not be the same as another. None of these are native fishes. Common carp are now "naturalized"- a species that has spread into the wild and has sustainable reproduction. They were brought here a century ago to "feed the masses" but have spread across most of the US-the various Asian carp will do the same. I agree, non-"fish" people
  11. iPhone 11 November 1, 2020 Wellesley, Massachusetts Joe Feintuck Snow Angel
  12. Short version: Loosely speaking, all carp are Asian inasmuch as it is widely accepted that they originated in Asia but the"asian carp" that has become notorious of late is a trio comprising of Bighead carp, Silver carp and the Black carp. Grass carp, along with Common carp, Mirror carp and the rarer leather carp, while not part of the "bad carp" group named above, get a huge amount of bad press by both uninformed folks who think they are an invasive species (they are not) and more educated folks who know the facts but choose to ignore them in order to pursue anti-carp agendas for var
  13. I think they are related according to this here. I know in Florida when I lived there they were a protected species along with Alligator Gar and had to be released back if caught. I only ended up with one which was just shy of 60lbs and a pain in the butt to revive back into the water. It was an accidental catch as I was fishing for commons and it just grabbed a boilie. I won't go out of my way to target them after that experience. Asian Carp News Story
  14. Are these related,or the same? I've been watching videos and reading about both. According to some people, grass carp are sacred and rare, introduced to slow the spread of noxious vegetation, and genetically bred to be unable to reproduce. Therefore, they should always be carefully returned to the water where they were caught. According to others, they are an abominable destroyer of habitat, and should be killed in every instance. I often see the terms used interchangeably, as if they are the same. I was fascinated by one video where a gourmet chef proposed calling them silver carp o
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  16. Nice going MO. i need to find a river/creek to fish this winter.
  17. In addition to my knees and back creakin, been creekin it in prep for the FFF!.... yesterday went to one of my original creek holes- a bend in the creek that collects all the carp for several hundred yards. First time fishing it this year.... And- its the same hole there are number of carp on the small side- 4-5 lbs like these two, and caught no grassies, though I've only caught a couple here. The largest common was a 13lbr around midnight one night. But, its secluded, close to the house and wildlife abounds- raccoon tracks from a night of fishing themselves, a 4 point buck just above me on
  18. Looking at the NC map, Moss Lake is just east of Shelby. You also have the Catawba River and Lake Wylie east of Gastonia. Lake Norman is north of Charlotte. Just about any river, lake or stream should have carp. They are one of the most widespread species in the US. Good luck. Something like a DeLorme atlas of NC will have much more detail for fishable waters. The only drawback would be access to the water. We have miles of bank area in the Tennessee Valley but access leaves a lot to be desired. Good luck and tight lines!
  19. Hello, I am new to this page and very new to wild water carp fishing. I’ve done very little, but have done a great deal of pay lake fishing. Wich is very fun but very expensive. I live in western nc, Cleveland county to be exact. I do not mind traveling a bit to find new spots. I’m having a hard time of finding wild water to fish in near me? Anybody no of any creeks, rivers, lakes etc? Thank you for your help. Like I said very new too this and look forward to this new family of carp fisherman.
  20. Creek walkin looking for FFF spots today and found another new hole- this one is a straight line hole below a large pool where I've caught carp before but never fished this stretch. Like the majority of the creeks here, there are vertical clay cliffs which terminate in a clay shelf about a foot under water, extending varied widths into the water. These harbor large numbers of carp along the base. If you can cast right along the shelf, youre in business!! Today I used 30g method leads, one with strawberry panko, one with orange panko, and one rod with a simple korda krank hook baited with sweet
  21. You may want to play the lottery this week... Or maybe not (you definitely exhausted this week's quota of good luck!)... But hey, sometimes, luck does come to people who truly deserve it...
  22. Nice photo Edgar Torres but please note that the photo competition is open to CAG members. If you want your photo to be entered please become a member: www.join cag.com
  23. Don't worry about the odds. Just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing--the Fishing Gods are definitely with you. Are CAG members going to be seeing a really good deal on a new NGT Carp Runner?
  24. So, a couple weeks ago I was reeling in my rods after a couple hour session. My go to big rods and reels are 3 9ft stalker rods outfitted with Daiwa Emcast 3500 BR reels with 12 or 15lb mono line. Well, the third rod handle was slipping while reeling and when I looked, the reel handle cap was cracked and subsequently fell off the screw holding the handle on......arrrghhhhhh- these are my first carp rods and reels and the carp and I beat the daylights out of them!.........The reels are not available anywhere, ANYWHERE!- BCT, Mikes reel repair, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, the guy down the street, the ot
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