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  2. The BOD has unanimously voted Deric Martin as Co-Chair for Ontario. Good luck Deric and thank you for volunteering.
  3. I have also been remiss by not posting to this thread sooner. But being a life long, and practiced procrastinator I suppose posting just a week late is tolerable. I've been getting more than my fair share of fishing in this year, but haven't been setting the world on fire with a lot of fish or many big fish. The first week in April started off with a bang with that one big one and several more in the high teens. I must have patted myself on the back too hard because the blanks then started rolling in, session after session, and nothing was working. I pig headedly stayed on the Mohawk knowing it would suddenly pick up and I would start hauling, as I've always done there in April and May in the past. That never happened. I did a tremendous amount of experimenting with different baits and rigs, but to no avail. Finally the water chestnuts came up and closed off much of the "good" shoreline, and I moved to the Hudson. And started catching a few fish. So far I've caught 47 carp, with five twenties mixed in with mostly all doubles. But with the hours I've put in, that's not as good as it sounds. The canal corporation has had both rivers down to a trickle all spring, with the locks closed until the past week. Perhaps that had something to do with the scarcity of fish. Scarcity of carp I should say. There has been no scarcity of catfish on the Hudson. It seems those pests know when and where I'm coming and school in front of me by the dozen. I've been fattening them up with chum and tubs of pack bait all season.
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  5. Pretty successful trip. Wasnt planning on filming so a few werent on camera but glad we changed our mind and decided too. We try to upload a video on youtube every friday and live stream on wednesday evenings. If you would like to see more of our father son adventures please hit that subscribe button.
  6. By a unanimous vote, the BOD has approved Louis-Philip Lortie as the CAG state chair for Quebec. Thank you Louis for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  7. nice captures keep 'em coming.
  8. Nice work, and a stunning fish! Fair play to you for releasing it. You know and we know that it's a record. What a special moment.
  9. You absolutely did the right thing releasing that fish! And as far as I'm concerned, and I'm sure everyone else on here, you are the owner of the RI state record. Congratulations.
  10. Nice session! - sometimes its just nice to catch a couple in a short time and yes- river/creek carp are always stronger- they constantly swim against current-even if it seems like slack water, it isn't; though mostly smaller on average.......fishin's fishin!! MO
  11. I agree- state record carp for Rhode island- that's enough info for me!!! Way to go Dave!!!! MO
  12. Spectacular! Kudos to your sense of conservation by returning this beautiful girl. Classy!
  13. What a beautiful river to fish.
  14. Last week the unthinkable happened. I landed what I believe is the first 40 lb. common carp to be caught in RI waters. The massive fish weighed exactly 40 lbs., and was 40 inches long. It was caught on a hair rig combo bait that was made up of a kernel of maize along with a white, artificial, plastic corn. This combo bait has been a killer for me all spring. Unlike in other nearby states, thirty pound carp are rare here in RI. There are a few low thirties landed every year in RI, but 40 lbs. is a mark few sharpies would have ever thought possible. My previous biggest carp in RI was 36 lbs., a fish thought to be the biggest ever taken up until now. The crazy thing about monster fish is that it was landed in exactly the same spot that I caught my 36 lber. eight years ago. It is not the same fish. This forty pound carp would have easily shattered the official RI state record of 32 lbs. But, to claim that record in this state, the fish must be taken to an official weigh station and weighed. Knowing this fish would have died, I chose to release it in good shape quickly after a few photos. Note that had it been caught in many other states, I could have easily claimed the record with the info I had. The fish was weighed on a certified Reuben Heaton scale, I got a measurement, I had a witness and I had a photo. A fish this size is a female capable of producing eggs that will produce offspring that could grow to enormous sizes. No way I would keep a fish like this just for the official record. And, besides, I just might meet up with her again some day!
  15. Hey all!! I've been remiss in posting the last couple months, mostly due to the covid-thing, but also diversifying my fishing a little-boat/bank/day/night/fly/spinning/sets, etc. etc trout, bluegill, largemouth, spotted bass, red ear sunfish, green sunfish, white bass, drum, white and black crappie, golden shiners, channels, flatheads.-just passed the 400 count across species, but here's a compilation of some of my recent carpies in the past month or so- 2-21lbs, pushing 14lb average and have found a spot with no less than 13lbrs, but, just not as often-1-2/night instead of 1-2/hour.....hope everyone doing well- more updates more frequently!.....MO
  16. Is there anyone living in North Dakota that fishes for carp? How about Smallmouth Buffalo?
  17. Anyone have any leads to areas along the Columbia river where I might find some carp?
  18. View File NACA Q1 2020 This on-line NACA combines TWO printed versions that until now were available only to CAG members. The 2017 issue includes some great articles & the 2018 Anniversary issue a look at CAG's history going back to 1993. We hope you enjoy reading them! Click Here for the North American Carp Angler Magazine On-Line Issues A Member Only Printed Version is being finalized and will be mailed out to members soon.
  19. The BOD has unanimously approved a number of Regional Directors who will support State Chairs. Below is a list of these appointees: Amy Demrovsky: WA, OR, CA, ID, UT, NV, CO, MT, WY, ND, SD, NB, KS, HI, and AK Lynn Newsome: OH, MI, PA, NY, WV, VT, KY, IN, NH, VA, MA, ME, MD, CT, RI, NJ, DE Wayne Smith: Canada Provinces Chad Woolward: TX, OK, NM, AR, LA Thanks you to those who volunteered for these important positions and good luck.
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