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  2. Zebco 33 and an Ugly Stick.
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  4. Thanks for all the responses. I was sad to see that Neil Stern had passed as well. Here's a memory test.. I remember that Jerome posted the first underwater video of feeding carp I ever saw, but was it Louis who purchased a live common in a grocery store and released it into the wild? I think it might have been Miguel who offered to take dodgy teenager Oddball fishing because he lived with his grandmother and had no transport. There's karma for that.
  5. Thanks for the photos. Very much appreciated and if ok we'll use them in NACA magazine.
  6. Took a bit searching, but found a couple pics of Phone on the original CAG website(that was once maintained by the infamous Oatmeal Jack) from 2002 here: Phonebush & Phonebush with grandson Brandt http://www.geocities.ws/cyprioman/Fishins/OK2002/OK2002.htm I was fortunate enough to meet Bill on a couple different occasions, and he was quite the character(online and in person) that will be missed.
  7. There are only two FB pages that I look at. This one and one connected to a local photography club. I was told to get on FB several years ago by a member of a club I was affiliated with. First FB view was the wife of a member who said she was going to the grocery store. Who cares?
  8. I would always like to see more folk on the CAG Forum (which is now exclusive to members only) but many over the years, like Horace, are now on Facebook or Instgram. CAG has its own Facebook page with over 4,800 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/carpanglersgroup plus as you say there are also many other locally focused or specialist groups that effectively compete with the CAG forum. Much has changed from the original CAG Compuserve days. There is still some good dialogue in the members only area as well as the Big 4 posts etc but it would be great to see more!
  9. What do you think changed in the membership package? We've always included some basic tackle for beginners, a printed magazine, stickers etc.
  10. So what can be changed to reverse the situation????????????????????????
  11. Yes Buzzbomb, there was a photograph on here of Bill sitting in a blue chair, rod by his side, and turning his head round to smile at the cameraman. The thread was about organising a fish-in as a tribute to him if I remember correctly.
  12. Buzzbomb summed it up nicely.
  13. Man, I don't know if I ever saw a pic of him with a fish. I think there was a photo of him posted once but can't be sure. RIP Bill.
  14. For a long time it was the people that made it great. The membership package was tempting at one time, but it was scaled back about the same time parts of the forum became exclusive. Then the Ontario carpers started their own forum and US Carp Pro took some more away. The sport was growing here and CAG was a fantastic vehicle for learners and teachers, until it changed. Back then I wanted to drive all the way to Texas and fish in the ATC. I can't point a finger at the leadership because they really wanted it to work, but the new structuring killed it. At least CAG was here for me when I was learning and I'm grateful for that. I miss Horace (and his dog Max, gone to Carphound Heaven by now), I miss Phone, and I miss seeing the pictures of monster fish Scott the Big Carphuna posted. There were lots of wonderful people whose names I can't remember. Oddball and Kyle Kypka would be middle-aged now. Does anyone remember how they fought over Bush v Kerry in 2004 before either of them were old enough to vote? There are lots of American and Canadian fishing forums but they don't have near the repository of knowledge that was once here, and they certainly won't teach the same sort of fish safety that is a big part of the sport. UK forums have foreign sections but the North American boards which used to be a bit busy have almost no traffic.
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  16. Most of the forum went private to members only. I think with out many benefits of being a member people gravitated to Facebook which many were already moving there. I been a paying member for years recently decided to just leave this alone life changes. I do miss the old times spending hours on here daily
  17. What is going on with the CAG it is dead on here, the for sale part get hardly any hits, the commercial parts is almost non existent, there is no pics being posted, no activity? forget facebook, not everybody goes on it.
    Very good, informative without being boring as so many tech articles are. Looking forward to the next edition. Also a nice personal touch to the articles. Keep em comin Terry O'Brien
  18. Hi Norman, Who did you text about renewal? You can renew your membership quite simply on the CAG store under the ‘’manage purchases” section. I hope this helps!
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