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  2. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Dave Kumm has been voted Nebraska state chair. Thank you Dave for volunteering for this position and good luck.
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  4. Hi Bob, A few years back you helped me get started in Carping, and more important to me, were unceasingly generous in sharing your time, your home and your carping knowledge. I have finally (age 77) almost retired and have time to catch up with the some of the important things and people in my life. I was sorry to read here about your extended illness and hope your health problems have resolved as happily as mine. If your travels should bring you through North Carolina, please know you will always be welcome in my home. I would also invite you to fish, but would be doing you no favors re carp. We do have a world record for blue cats a couple of hours away and I would be happy to host you for a day's fishing with Redbeard's  guide service. Regards, Steve Chandler  chandler-dorfman@mindspring.com


  5. By a unanimous vote of the the BOD, Laine Dillard has been voted Florida State Chair. Thank you, Laine, for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  6. Yes indeed!!!! Congratulations Michael!
  7. Carpers, One of the best ways to advance our sport is simply painting the fish and their surroundings in a positive light. This contest uniquely assists with this because you don’t have to be holding a giant fish, or a fish at all - but capture the essence of the sport. Equally important, we need to support each other. A lot of effort goes into making these contests enjoyable and we want to reward it with participation. Take a few seconds to enter and vote every month for a deserving photograph - maybe you’ll end up with some cool swag and bragging rights #essenceofcarping #govote #showuswhatyagot #blankshotswelcome
  8. The CAG Carp Classic (open to CAG Members) will be returning to the Hudson River for 2021! More details and registration to follow: Registration is now open! Price includes CCC Entry and Dinner at the Awards Ceremony in the evening. Click Here to Sign Up! 2021 CCC Schedule Saturday September 25th 2021 Location: Hudson River, NY Peg Locations (subject to confirmation): Coxsackie Riverside Park, Dutchmans Landing & Catskill Point. There will be a Meet & Greet on Friday evening Sept 24th and Dinner, Awards Ceremony and Raffle on the Saturday evening. Awards will be consistent with the CCC tradition: The North American Champion trophy will be awarded to the angler with the four fish with the greatest total weight (Big 4)- Additional trophies will be given to each section winner (Big 4). The North Amerian Carp King Belt Buckle will be awarded to the angler catching the single heaviest carp. In addition, we will have Special Awards for the angler landing the First Fish, and for the angler catching the Biggest Combined Total-Weight.
  9. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Erik Taylor has been voted state chair for KY. Thank you, Erik, for volunteering and good luck in this position.
  10. CCC Awards Dinner Purchase for a non-fishing guest or partner.

    CCC Dinner 2018.jpg

    The Dinner and Awards will be held at the Pegasus Restaurant

    Pegasus Restaurant,10885 St. Rte 9w, Coxsackie NY 12051  

    2021 CAG Carp Classic

    Saturday September 25th 

    Location: Hudson River, NY


  11. Ken


    Fanny, welcome to CAG. Very interesting recipe! Can this be used as a pack bait for commons, or just electronic carp?
  12. Good day! I'm Fanny from ipcb.com This is 36 layers High Tg backplane PCB Material : High TG FR4 Layer : 36Layers Color : Green/White Finished Thickness : 2.4mm Copper Thickness : 1OZ Surface Treatment : Immersion Gold Min Trace : 4mil(0.1mm) Min Space : 4mil(0.1mm) characteristic : High multilayer,Panasonic m6 pcb material Application : backplane pcb Email: Fanny.ipcb@gmail.com
  13. 2021 CAG Carp Classic

    Saturday September 25th 

    Location: Hudson River, NY


    Entry is $65 for CAG Members and $90 (includes $25 membership) for New Members


    Friday Sept 24 2021

    Meet and Greet: At the Pegasus Restaurant from 5:00 pm

     A Bar-B-Que will be available in the parking lot 4pm-8pm!


    Saturday Sept 25 2021:

    7:00am - Peg draw @ Chrissy's Diner (details below)

    8:00am - 4:00pm - CCC Fishing

    6:00pm - Dinner

    7:30pm - Awards, Prize Giving & Raffle



  14. Dave Pickering, imhooked2000@cox.net

  15. Hi Ian;

    Here's my info as requested: Blayne Beeler Email: lizard_kingbb@hotmail.com


  16. Digital Camo Hat fully adjustable

  17. Flordia carping 



  18. It's a bit far to drive for a fish-in. Curious- are there similar groups in the UK? Cheers.
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