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  2. Here are the Results and Details of the 2023 Tournament. This year the Junior Carp tournament, which started in 2003, celebrated its 20th anniversary and featured over $10,000 in prizes and awards! It took place August 3-5 2023 along the banks of the St. Lawrence River County around Ogdensburg, Lisbon and Waddington, NY. 81 competitors, including 30 first time participants, aged 11-18 took part in the tournament which ran over two days. The young anglers caught and released a combined 118 carp, weighing a total of over 1,700 pounds. The participants included anglers from St. Lawrence County, as well as other parts of New York State together with anglers from Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In the end it was fifteen year-old and first-time participant Connor Wright, from Colton, who was crowned 'Grand Champion'. Connor weighed in a total of 71 lbs. for his heaviest four carp to edge out 2nd Place winner in his age division, Tanner Smith, by just one ounce. Connor's team, Chum Chasers 2, also took home the 3rd Place Team award, with a total weight of 114 lbs. The biggest carp of the tournament was caught by Landon Wilcox of Potsdam weighing 28 lbs. 13 oz. Over results: Girls 11-14 -- 1st Place: Samantha Milburn, 36 lbs. 14 oz. (Madrid); 2nd Place: Briley Cota, 31 lbs. 10 oz. (Rensselaer Falls); 3rd Place: Taylor Bailey, 30 lbs. 11 oz. (Red Creek) Boys 11-14 -- 1st Place: Ayden Shepard, 68 lbs. 8 oz. (Heuvelton); 2nd Place: Zachary Payne, 58 lbs. 5 oz. (Lisbon); 3rd Place: Ryan Bailey, 58 lbs. (Red Creek) Girls 15-18 -- 1st Place: Ahna Martinez, 45 lbs. 6 oz. (Heuvelton); 2nd Place: Anisia Bogdan, 37 lbs. 11 oz. (Endicott); 3rd Place: MacKenzie Cota, 36 lbs. 10 oz. (Rensselaer Falls) Boys 15-18 -- 1st Place: Connor Wright, 71 lbs. (Colton); 2nd Place: Tanner Smith, 70 lbs. 15 oz. (Waddington); 3rd Place: Devin Green, 64 lbs. 8 oz. (Potsdam) Team Competition -- 1st Place: The Dream Team, 191 lbs. 15 oz.; 2nd Place: Chum Chasers, 131 lbs. 1 oz.; 3rd Place: Chum Chasers 2, 114 lbs. Adult Division: -- 1st Place: Terry Debiew, 37 lbs. 13 oz.; 2nd Place: Brad Jerome, 34 lbs. 1 oz.; 3rd Place: Paul Gurrola, 18 lbs. This year the Riley Basford Memorial Sportsmanship Award was presented to teammates, Devin Green and Lucas Cruikshank. They were recognized for sharing their passion for the sport with others, mentoring and teaching others on the riverbank, offering advice to help them be successful during the tournament. The tournament, which began in 2003, is supported and organized by the Carp Anglers Group of North America. The Carp Anglers Group is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to catch and release carp fishing and introducing newcomers to the sport. For this year's 20th tournament we were honored to welcome past Grand Marshals, Abby McNamara (Potsdam) and Austin Delosh (Clarksville), and to honor the present we were joined by Grand Marshals, Kaylee Green (Potsdam) and Jaron Belmore (Norwood). “Of the 81 participants, we had 30 first time participants which is exciting and will keep this tournament going. We're also seeing the next generation of former families now eligible to participate. It's truly a multi-generational event and we're already looking forward to next year,” noted Jo Ann Roberts, tournament organizer. “The camaraderie and friendships made on the riverbank is wonderful to see, and some of my best friends are those I, myself met at this event,” added Abby McNamara, also tournament organizer. This year we were joined by Carp Anglers Group President Iain Sorrell. Along with fellow members Jerome Moisand, Phil Saunders and Rita Brown and fellow marshals they helped run the Carp School the day before the tournament. First time participants learned how to play and land big fish as well as taking care of them so they can be returned to the river to grow even bigger. In addition to the Carp Anglers Group the tournament is supported by the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. It is part of a series of tournaments supported by a Market New York grant from I LOVE NY/New York State’s Division of Tourism through the Regional Economic Development Council initiative. Our special thanks go to Jo Ann Roberts Tournament Director, Abby McNamara Tournament Organizer, Bob Giodano, our Grand Marshals and Marshals, Radio Operators, Lindsey Baker Photographer, and many volunteers plus our sponsors who make hosting this great event possible! Next years tournament will be held July 18 – 20th 2024.
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  4. In 2024 the Junior International Carp Tournament celebrates its 21st year! In 2023 over 80 Junior Anglers including 30 newcomers competed for Trophies, $10,000 in Cash Prizes and Awards over two days fishing for carp on the mighty St Lawrence River in upper state New York! The 2024 Junior Tournament takes place July 18-20 based in Waddington, NY There are two age groups: Girls 11-14 & Boys 11-14 Girls 15-18 & Boys 15-18 This is an amazing opportunity for kids to fish as a individuals or as a team with support from families, friends and our peg marshals. The Junior Tournament is hosted by the Carp Anglers Group and St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. It is supported by local companies, sponsors and generous donors. It is part of a series or tournaments supported by a Market New York grant from I LOVE NY/New York State Division of Tourism through the Regional Economic Development Council initiative. Click Here to Email for More Details and Registration. Connor Wright Overall Winner in 2023
  5. The Baiting Pyramid View File The Baiting Pyramid was originally developed by Mike Wilson and resulted in some remarkable big fish catches from Savay lake in the UK. Here Iain Sorrell writes about its origins and highlights its effectiveness here in North America. Submitter Savayman Submitted 02/27/2024 Category General  
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  7. *** Spring Big 4 2024 *** - Now over $1,900 in PRIZES & AWARDS - Become a CAG Member and sign up before midday March 14th! Click Here to become a CAG Member! CAG Members Click Here to: Read the Rules, Register and Enter your Catches. Spring Big 4 Prizes & Awards - Top Ten Big 4 Fish Captors – 1st - $300 * 2nd - $150 * 3rd - $100 * 4th - $75 * 5th - $50 * 6th thro' 10th - $35 each - The Big Fish & Regional Prizes - Biggest Common will receive *$175, Biggest Mirror will receive *$175, Plus * $100 for each Big 4 Regional Award Winner -- New Biggest Buffalo Prize $200 -- Big Common, Big Mirror, Big Buff & Regional Winners will also receive 10x8 Photo Plaques *Awarded as Gift Certificates to spend with CarpAngler.com Our thanks to Carp Angler for their generous support of the CAG Spring Big 4 2024 Prizes will be awarded as Gift Vouchers redeemable with: https://www.carpangler.com/ North American Regions (Anglers will be required to indicate the state in which each fish entered was caught). Regions I - IV shown below Plus Canada & Mexico Region V
  8. By Registering for the Spring Big 4 2024 you agree to abide to the following rules! Spring Big 4 2024 March 15th – June 15th 2024 These are the final and definitive rules for the CAG Spring Big 4 2024. Entry to take part in the Spring Big 4 2024 binds you to these rules. It is the Competitors responsibility to read, understand and abide by these rules. No changes or allowances will be made to catches or uploads outside of these rules. If in doubt ask! 1. To enter the Big 4 competition you must be a FULLY paid up CAG member (temporary memberships are excluded from entering) and have registered and paid your entry fee of $12.00 payable in the CAG Store for the Spring Big 4 2024 before Noon on March 14th. No entries will be accepted if your registration or payment falls beyond this date. - Please look for a separate topic on how to post your catches! - 2. The Competition will run from Match 15th at 0:01am until midnight on June 15th 2024. All uploads must be completed by midnight on June 15th. If you have an issue whereby the upload of an entry is not accepted by the CAG Leaderboard on June 15th you must contact Willem by email: big4@joincag.com by no later than Midday June 16th. Provided your entry complies with the rules we will accept your entry and assist you in including it on the leaderboard. No upload or messages posted with a date/time of June 16th midday or beyond will count. 3. Upload protocol must be adhered to in order to have an entry accepted. If any requirement or detail is missing then the entry will not be counted. It is the Angler’s responsibility to ensure all details are correctly entered. See Rule #6 4. Only your four biggest fish of the common, mirror or leather varieties count (no grass carp, or other strains/breeds will be accepted) and must be caught from North American waters (fish raised in stock ponds or from commercial venues such as paylakes etc may not be entered). Upload the first four fish that you catch during the qualifying period. Subsequently, ONLY upload a fish if it is BIGGER than your fourth biggest fish. DO NOT UPLOAD FISH THAT ARE SMALLER THAN YOUR FOURTH BIGGEST FISH: this clogs the system and causes errors in uploads. This competition is about four big fish & not the total quantity of fish caught during the competition. 4 (a). For Spring 2024 you can also enter your Biggest Large or Small Mouth Buffalo capture for a special Biggest Buffalo Prize. This runs separate to the CAG Big 4 Common Carp event but all other rules apply. 5. Upload your entries within 48 hours of capture and before midnight on the last day when the competition ends. If you have upload problems or unable to upload within 48 hours of capture you must notify us using this email address only: big4@joincag.com See Rule #2 6. Your Upload must include the following details: (1)Trophy Photo of You, the captor, with the Fish, the Scales used to weigh the fish & the Spring Big 4 Logo for 2024 clearly visible in black and white or color; (2) The exact Weight of the fish in lbs and ozs; (3) The State in which the fish was caught. (4) The Date and Time of capture which must be entered in the comments section under the photo. 7. Photo Requirements: (1) Images must be clear. (See notes below). The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus and clearly visible. (2) The Scales & Big 4 Logo must be positioned in the foreground and as close as possible to the fish (scales or logo’s positioned in the background behind the angler and fish are not acceptable). (3) All photo images must clearly show the full width of the fish. Photos where the fish is presented at an angle (45 degrees, tail or head first etc) to the camera will not be accepted. (4) Photoshoped or altered entries may be subject to disqualification. The CAG BOD reserves the right to request any angler entered in the CAG Big 4 to submit his/her scales and photo date stamp for verification in the event of any disputes. 8. The Spring Big 4 2024 logo will be available for download in a separate thread just before the start of the Competition (just before midnight on March 14th). 9. Prizes will be awarded to the Anglers finishing in the first 10 places which will be determined as the aggregate of that Anglers best four fish caught within the rules and during the period of the Big 4 Competition. There will be individual prizes awarded for Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror. Additional recognition awards will be made to the captors of the four biggest fish in the 5 regional areas. 10. Fish Care. Any entries NOT showing proper fish handling or care will be rejected! 11. For the first 72 hours only entries will be also accepted where the photo shows the CAG Spring Big 4 2024 Logo clearly visible on a cell phone or iPad/tablet etc. Printed Logo’s are valid at ALL times during the event dates. 12. All Anglers must be in possession of the necessary State Fishing License. 13. All fish must be caught on a single hook rig, using legal rod and line methods and must be returned safely without harm. How to Weigh your Catch Please check your scales for accuracy and ensure that you properly zero the weigh sling (wetted but properly drained) before weighing your catch. Here’s a suggestion: wet your weigh sling, shake off any excess water then hang it on the scales until the water drains and the weight is stable. This usually takes less than 30 seconds. Then zero the sling on the scales and weigh the fish. Scales must be suspended from a Tripod, Weigh Bar or Weigh Crook to ensure stability and accuracy of weight. Holding the body of the scales with your hands will result in an inaccurate reading. Some pointers and suggestions for photos. The Big 4 Logo should be printed out to ensure it can be clearly seen in the photo (Letter or half letter size is ideal). Enclose your logo in a zip lock bag or get it laminated to prevent it getting wet or damaged. When taking the photo have the fish close to your body with your elbows balanced on the thigh/knee area and over a suitable un-hooking mat. This allows you to keep proper control of the fish and to place it back on the mat easily and quickly if required. Do NOT hold the fish out at arms length or while standing. The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus. When taking the picture do not zoom in to just have angler and fish. Zooming in reduces the pixilation count on the photo and reduces the quality of the photo. Winners photos will be used for magazine publication and the biggest regional fish photos will be used for awards. A good example of a Big 4 Entry Photo that meets the Requirements for Rules # 7 & #10 The Big 4 logo and Scales are positioned & clearly visible in the foreground. The fish is also being held & supported correctly & positioned over a suitable protective mat
  9. CAG Member Prize Draw 2024 ---- It's Free! You just have to be a Fully Paid Member! ---- The Carp Anglers Group Members Draw for 2024 has an incredible array of prizes! Almost $3,500 in prizes have already been gathered or donated. On March 30th a randomized draw will decide the lucky CAG Members who will receive one of the exciting prizes below. All you have to do is ensure you are a fully paid CAG member* before the draw date! *temporary & e-memberships are not included Here are the Prizes. TWO lucky CAG Members will each receive a Solar P1 Euro Universal Pod complete with Front & Rear Buzz bars) – Value $745 each Thinking Anglers 600D Ruck Pack $115 Thinking Anglers Camflex Tackle Pouch $40 Deeper Pro + worth $199 Carp Angler Gift Voucher worth $550 Big Carp Tackle Gift Voucher $500 Carp Bait USA Gift Voucher $250 Carp Maxx Bait Product Gift Voucher $200 Three Prizes of Fire Maple Bankside Cooking Sets - value: $75 each If you are not already a CAG Member it is easy to join! Just Click Here to Join! For $25 (then $20 annually) which includes a New Member pack with a NACA Magazine, CAG Decals and basic starter tackle items. If you need to check your CAG Membership click on Store then Manage Purchases. You can also renew your membership if it has lapsed. New Members Only can also purchase a CAG Membership with a special Gardner Tackle Offer worth $75 for Only $40 through our friends at Big Carp Tackle: Click here for the CAG New Member and Gardner Tackle Package
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Carping all!!!! Looking for to the new year of Carping!!!!! MO
  11. To all our CAG members, families and friends we wish you all the very best of the Season!
  12. NACA Q3 2023 View File Enjoy the latest issue of the North American Carp Angler magazine Submitter Savayman Submitted 12/12/2023 Category General  
  13. CAG Monthly Photographic Competition ‘The Essence of Carp Fishing in North America’ CAG members are invited to submit photographs that capture what is unique and exciting about carp fishing in North America. Each month the winner will receive a special prize plus recognition for two runners up. The photos do not have to be of someone holding a fish (this is NOT a Trophy fish competition) but they should be recognizable as being related to carp or buffalo fishing in North America and should reflect the capture of a special moment. The ‘essence’ of carp fishing in North America might memorialize a remarkable scale pattern, someone’s first carp, a group of friends fishing together, a spectacular sunset, time of year or perhaps a dramatic background or landscape. The judges will be fellow members who should pay particular attention to the subject matter and composition and not just the photographic or editing skills. In the event of a tie or any disputes the CAG BOD will be the final arbitrator. Each month we’ll announce a winner and Award a prize or voucher (worth $100) with the winning photo appearing in a forthcoming NACA magazine as well as the CAG Forum Site and Facebook page. The top 3 will also receive CAG Medals. The Rules: The entrant must be a Full CAG Member & the owner of any copyright to the photograph. An entrant may submit a maximum of TWO photos only in each month. The photograph must have been taken in the submission month (final date for submissions is 24 hours after the end of each month) All fish photos must demonstrate appropriate carp care and catch & release Each submission must include the following details: 1. The type of device (e.g. camera or phone) used. 2. The date the photo was taken. 3. Location (nearest Town and State). 4. Your Name 5. Photo Title (e.g. Mirror Magic, Waiting for the Bite etc) Entries should be submitted to the “CAG Essence of Carping Competition” under the appropriate "Month" below. Entrants agree that CAG may use or display a submitted photo on the CAG website and Social Media resources. CAG Members Click to Enter the Essence of Carping Photo Competition!
  14. Fish from ANY region count towards your overall Big 4. You could also win a Regional award from more than one region
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          Tried to register for FALL CAG BIG FOUR but states there's an error. I renewed membership (expired Sept 13) but still doesn't allow registration. Can you take a look? Thanks!!



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  16. How does it work if you catch fish different regions? Still count all 4 as your biggest 4?
  17. still trying to pay fo two of us, not working unfortunately.
  18. Exact same problem, been trying to renew keep getting error processing payment, the site is extremely hard to navigate, horrible as you've described.
  19. We are still having some intermittent issues with PayPal payments not going through from the CAG Store. If you try to sign up as a New CAG Member the CAG Fall Big 4, CCC or Store Items and receive a message that your payment did not go through will help you process the payment. Example below of Error Message: Please Note: We can see those payments that did not go through and will send you a PayPal invoice to process your payment. We will then update the CAG Store once we receive payment to show your purchase as being paid. You will then get an email confirmation. Many thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.
  20. We are still having some intermittent issues with PayPal payments not going through from the CAG Store. If you try to sign up as a CAG Member and / or the CAG Fall Big 4 and receive a message that your payment did not go through we will help you process the payment. We can see those payments that did not go through and will send you a PayPal invoice to process your payment. We will then update the CAG Store to show your purchase as being paid. You will then get an email confirmation. Many thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.
  21. CAG Email - September Update CCC 2023 The 2023 CAG Carp Classic on Saturday Sept 30 is just around the corner! Sign up now to secure your chance of becoming the 2023 North American Champion (Big 4 winner) and / or Carp King (Biggest Carp). There will be top line prizes and awards for Section Winners, Total Overall Weight, First Fish, Smallest Fish and Big Mirror. There will also be a CAG Raffle at the Dinner and Prize Giving! Click here for CCC 2023 Details & Registration CAG Fall Big 4 Be sure to sign up! Once again we have over $1,700 in prizes for the Top Ten Big 4 Winners, Big Common, Big Mirror and Regional Winners. We will also award Photo Plaques to the Big Fish and Regional Winners. Prizes will be in the form of Gift Vouchers to spend at carpangler.com Starts October 1st and runs until November 30th. Click for more Fall Big 4 2023 Details Here Essence of Carping Photo Competition June winners should be receiving their prizes and medals and July winners are being voted on and results will be posted in the next few days. Unfortunately a technical glitch prevented August entries being posted but September and October are good to go. For Essence of Carping Details Click Here Volunteers Needed! CAG needs your help in the following areas. - NACA magazine support to source and create articles and content. - Assistance to help with managing and highlighting events such as the CCC, Big 4, Photo competition etc. - Social Media and Web support. If you have experience in these areas please email cagstaff@carpanglersgroup.com
  22. Unfortunately we seem to be having an issue processing payments with PayPal through the CAG store. If you are trying to sign up for Membership, CAG FALL Big 4 and/or CCC 2023 and run into a problem with your purchase via the CAG Store please send me a PM or email: treasurer@carpanglersgroup.com We have a fix to get you signed up in the meantime
  23. Hi Darci, For some reason your PayPal subscription did not update correctly when it auto renewed on Sept 08 2022. I've renewed your membership and we will check to see if it works correctly in a couple of days. You are an active CAG member again
  24. I am trying to renew my membership that has expired. When I go into the manage purchases, there is no option to renew. I also cannot purchase a new membership because of my existing one. I paid using PayPal, I believe, but it doesn't look like it was set to auto-renew. I checked my emails and it looks like an invoice was generated from PayPal for me to pay last May. I didn't get one again this year. How can I renew my membership?
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