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  2. By a unanimous vote of the CAG BOD, Adi Ben-Senior has been voted VA State Chair. Thank you, Adi, for volunteering for this position and good luck.
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  4. Same seems to apply to the NY area where I now reside.
  5. OK, now I have a better idea about NJ/PA. In smaller lakes and rivers the spawn occurs around mid-May, but in the big river systems it often doesn't begin until the end of May. Ideal fishing time is still April 1 - May 15/20 though.
  6. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Fejzo Akaratovic has been voted as the new state chair for CT. Thank you Fejzo for volunteering and good luck in your new position.
  7. In New York, late May & June.
  8. Been doing some exploration on states in my space... NJ: May/June. Best fishing time Apr 1-May 15. Dad: Same as NJ, special case Allegheny mountains/Lake Erie Apr 15-June 1 DE: May. Best fishing time March 15 - May 1. Best spinning rod
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a downloadable version of the 2021 Printed Edition of the NACA Magazine. Published in April 2022 and mailed to CAG members in North America. In this issue: Obituaries to Bill Warder (phonebush) and Ray Corcoran (Herky). Fly Fishing for Cicadas - Joe Bruce Discovery Month - Kirk Suedmeyer A Versatile Approach - Dale Hollow by Adam Clewer Lake Mead Gold - Brent Behnken Plan Ahead - John Torchick The Boat Bivvy - Marcus Tackley
  10. Ian

    if i try to order anything from the store, i get an error. Cant deliver to this address.

  11. Ian

    Hey Louis, i have some questions about fishing in Maine. I know Scott Osmond has a good write up on Maine, but i was wondering about your experience on the Kennebec. 

  12. Version 1.0.0


    2022 St Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament Registration Packet: Includes Full Details about the Tournament and a form to submit if you want to take part.
  13. NY CAG FISH  

    Just wanna Say thank you to Guys that showed up. 

    Also for @Barryfor bring Hotdogs and Hamburgers. 

    Well Done to Danny for his first Mirror. 

    Hope to see you soon, for the next NY CAG Fish in. 

    Jeffery Mirr1.jpg

    Jeffery Mirror.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing Catfish strike.jpg

    Sam Pole fishing catfish.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing extending the pole.jpg

    Sam Pole fishing reduce pole catfish.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing thomas bull.jpg

    Danny 1st Mirror.jpg

  14. Hello all! Testing out this site. Happy Fishing

  15. We are finalizing the Printed Edition of the NACA Magazine that will be mailed to CAG members soon. Please take a moment to check your Mailing address is correct! Just Click on 'STORE' then My Details then Addresses to check or update your details (see below). We are always looking for contributors to the NACA Magazine. Stories, Fishing Trips, How To's, Ideas & DIY, Photos, etc are all welcome! Just email naca@carpanglersgroup.com for more details!
  16. 2022 sees the 19th St Lawrence International Junior Carp Fishing Tournament. Two days of competition, fishing a 30 mile stretch of the St. Lawrence River. Kids 11-18 years of age eligible July 21-23 2022 in Waddington, NY **** Please Note Revised Dates **** For more details: https://www.fishcap.net/events/2022-st-lawrence-international-junior-carp-tournament Click Here to Download the 2022 Junior Carp Tournament Registration and Information Packet
  17. I live and breath this so it only seemed right!! Thank you!!
  18. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Derek Williams has been voted WV State Chair. Thank you, Derek, for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  19. Please Release the Big Carp View File A multi language flyer encouraging people to release trophy sized carp and only take & eat smaller fish. Submitter Savayman Submitted 01/15/2022 Category General  
  20. Hello Ken


    I dont know what PDF you are talking about, there is no PDF in the events for the St. Lawrence competitions 


  21. And the winners are... Rita Brown Orient Bestia Rods Laine Dillard Carp Bait USA Ron Nathlich Deeper Sonar Lee Fenner Orient Throwing Stick Shawn Rafter RM Head Lamp Antony Bright RM Head Lamp Mike Dragone RM Head Lamp Kelly Moulder CAG Mug Jerry Hawkins CAG Mug Pawel Szajna CAG Mug Suzen Jackson CAG Mug Ricky Hards CAG Mug I will be contact the winners by email to make sure we have your up to date mailing / delivery address. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all our CAG members!
  22. Hi any chance I can download the Boilie calculator please thanks


  23. Very sad indeed, phone was certainly a unique character, I think he enjoyed carp fishing banter, probably more than carp fishing. His sense of humour was classic, the world will be a duller place without him. RIP Phonebush
  24. Read the latest issue of the North American Carp Angler magazine is now available! Read online https://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2021q3naca Or download on the tool bar at the top of the page.
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