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  2. "Retired photographer said he had some film cameras that he couldn't give away" You could always give him my address.
  3. I'll join you in welcoming John Castellese! Looking for photos of giant fish from y'all. I have a digital camera and love it. Looking to upgrade to one with interchangeable lenses. I download the photos to my laptop and can view them on the screen. Have several hundred photos. Part of the fun is experimenting along with reading the manual and a book by a professional photographer/teacher. BTW, I have a Canon T-70; was told it was worth absolutely nothing. Retired photographer said he had some film cameras that he couldn't give away.
  4. Actually, my son did upgrade me a few years and gave me a digital camera. On the plus side, I can see immediately if I like the picture I just took. On the down side, all of a sudden I had 300 plus pictures in the camera that took a little longer than forever and a day to click through to find the one I was looking for. Then quickly pass the camera to the waiting person to view the picture very fast, before the camera shut itself off in four seconds. And, I for one, find it annoying to look at other peoples pictures when the pictures are on their 'devices' being waved around in my face. Or sent via email where they get buried or deleted. I know you will now say I can have hard copies made. True, but that means waiting in line at the kiosk, fighting with the kiosk, then having to go back and pick up the copies anyway. So, I stick with the antique film where I can put my pics in an album and sit in an easy chair and look at them when I want to without having to 'go on line'. And I can give out copies to family and friends for refrigerator material. Now you all know I'm an old dog, and you know that old saying about old dogs and new tricks........................ Welcome to CAG John Castellese, and thanks for joining. <:///><
  5. Last week
  6. (I'm new here) Great job! Sounds like a lot of fun
  7. Congrats ken. You need to update your camera lol. Beauty day to be out.
  8. Film? What is that? Congrats on a good day and an outstanding capture.
  9. It was a common. Egads, a mirror that size would still have me in a state of shock, mumbling, and drooling on myself. Pictures you ask? Yes, of course I took pictures. Even took a couple selfies (I hope). But the trouble is, when I take pictures my camera still goes 'JJJJJJJJJJ' as the 35mm film winds. If any of my fellow anglers here would really like a copy, send me your snail mail address, and I'll get a copy out, post haste. As soon as I get the pictures back. As soon as the picture developing place opens back up. <:///><
  10. Corn works!!!..........................馃檪 路麓炉`路.赂. , . .路麓炉`路..><((((潞> , . .路麓炉`路.. ><((((潞>`路.赂赂.路麓炉`路.赂><((((潞( ><((((潞> ><((((潞> 路麓炉`路.赂. , . .路麓炉`路..><((((潞>
  11. That's a very nice size, Mirror or Common?
  12. Good job!!!.... Pics?.......................... MO
  13. Today was a nice one here: Sunny, to 60 degrees, and calm. I went down to the river and set up a little before 3 PM. Nothing at all happened for over 2 hours, so before throwing in the towel again I tried something different. I rebaited with just corn on the hook and a split shot and cast out only 20 - 25 feet. As far as I could throw a handful of corn. In 10 minutes I had a couple nudges, then a take, and had one on. In spite of the cold water the fish was giving a good account of itself, taking a bit of line. When I started getting it back in, it broke the surface a couple times, waving its tail at me, and I said, "That's a nice fish". When I got it in to the net I said, "Wow, that's a big fish!". It started playing that maddening game where, every time I had it to the net it, it would take off again and strip 8 or 10 feet of line off the reel. Over and over. I was starting to get nervous. I finally did net it and knew I had a dandy. When I first lifted it up on the scales, the scale quickly bounced to over 30 lb, and I thought " this is unreal". It was. But then the scale did settle down on 29lb - 1 oz, so after 6 blanks this year, and this being the first and only carp so far this year, I am more than happy with it. <:///><
  14. nices fishes thats cool you guys did the raffle stay safe everyone
  15. great fish i fished over 10 years for carp and not one yet l馃榾
  16. awesome getting them out there early great fish it had to be a blast!
  17. The Spring Big 4 2020 was canceled due to fishing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Anglers who chose to move their registration to the Fall Big 4 2020 were entered into a drawing. The winners: Bill Kandis- PinPoint Hook Sharpening Kit Aaron Withers-Signed copy of Pursuit of Carpiness II Craig Welch- Signed copy of Pursuit of Carpiness II Thank you to all! Stay safe and healthy
  18. Another fine day for you. And you're fishing in shirtsleeves already. Impressive on both counts. It's another cloudy day here in the 40's and windy. We re getting there though--all the snow is gone except where the plows piled it up, the grass is trying to turn green, and the wife's daffodils are up. (But no flowers yet.) That one carp has interesting markings. I've never seen one like that. Sort of a mulatto (I think I can still say that.) I've been out a few times and only a couple cats have been hungry. Usually, in one more week they'll start hitting here in Covid-Central, USA.
  19. Hi all!! Hope everyone is safe and healthy-goes for families too :)). I thought there would be more fisherman out, but its deserted around here. Any way, been fishin- and yesterday was great!. These two commons within the first hour, then lost 3 straight fish before these two beauties- a 6lb golden ghost and an 8.75lb "whiter" ghost. These fish "glow"/shimer" in the water. This spot has produced 5 additional ghosts, plus a couple mirrors and lots of 6-10lb commons. GO FISHING!- it will give you some solace-now more than ever!... Try as I might, I couldn't cacth Covid though and hopefully none of you do!!! Stay healthy! MO
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