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  1. pikeintheboat

    New Carper here

    Sounds like fun. With a few days notice I can go most of the time. Any spots in mind? Just message me on Facebook!
  2. pikeintheboat

    Traveling to Leech Lake Summer 2018

    Hello CAG- I'll be travelling to Leech Lake this summer and was hoping someone could let me know where I might find some Common Carp. If you don't want to ruin your spots I respect that, maybe some general locations? I'll do the rest of the work. Thanks! Matt
  3. pikeintheboat

    New Carper here

    Thanks. I've learned a lot by watching YouTube content, searching the forums, and Facebook Carp groups.
  4. pikeintheboat

    New Carper here

    Hello CAG forum! New Carp angler here that has been bitten by the bug. I live close to Lake Monroe in southern Indiana. Any others lurking around the forums? Matt